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Putting the ultrasounds on facebook INSENSITIVE? Lock Rss

I am a little mortified by the harshness - i think im entitled to see what other people did. the feeling i had were my own and was reaching out to see what others did you chose to do what you wanted which is fine i respect that but theres no need to belittle me for not wanting to wave the another girl whos pregnant at the moment flag - i value my privacy you are entitled to an opinion but you really didnt need to go to those lenghts to make me into some kind of ogre its not what its about

Unfortunately I think you'll find that there are some on here that don't respect others opinions if they're not the same as their own.
Even when they obviously haven't got a clue as to what it is they are objecting to.

As for fb and huggies. I think they're different. One is anonymous (huggies) and the other has your real name attached.

My reasoning for not posting my u/s pics on fb is quite simple. It has to do with an ex. My abusive ex, whom I don't want to know that I am pregnant because I'm scared he will cause trouble for me. He is blocked but there are plenty of people on there that can tell him. In that case, hmm, think my pictures are rather personal for me. I never said peoples u/s pictures were inappropriate, just personal. I've shared mine with family and friends in person though.

It's good to see you reached an agreement with him. Hopefully it's the first step towards many more positive outcomes for you.

Wish you all the best smile
Thank you i totally agree a member on this page took it waaaaay too personally and took it in a nasty light and again you are right some people are just wired to get defensive.

I have a stalker - but its not the reason i dont stick them up.

good on you thinking 2 steps ahead too
some people do and others dont
if someone came to me and complained about people writing nasty/ inappropriate things whether it be on the partners page or your own then im of the opinion if you knew people like that on your fb or your partners why stick it up and make yourself a human dart board.

and i 100% agree fb is alot more personal but even in saying that i still sever it from really personal stuff like health issues or issues that i have with others, keeping any disputes away from fb and not adding people im not prepared to talk to on a regular basis or adding randoms
I didnt post my u/s pics on fb, nor did i 'announce' my pregnancy until i had had my baby girl. That is my choice! Each to their own! So dont worry you are not alone in feeling that way. I think some people use fb very differently, and i would consider myself a more private person with it.

I think thats great that you came to an agreement to wait until you have the all clear on babies health. Its lovely your partner is excited but its important that he respect your wishes also smile sounds like a good outcome
I wont let DH put any photos of our DS on facebook. I dont want creepy people looking at my son!! Thats way to private to plaster over FB for the world to see!

I wont let DH put any photos of our DS on facebook. I dont want creepy people looking at my son!! Thats way to private to plaster over FB for the world to see!

Doesn't everyone set their settings to private, so only friends can view the info anyway? Also, if people only accepted 'friends' as people who they actually are friends with in real life, where's the problem? I thought this was the point of facebook... to share your life/photos with friends, not just random people, just so you can have a massive 'friend' number.


I am very saddened that people can be so nasty on forums, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, yes, however there are more polite ways of expressing them!!

That said, I didn't post ultrasound pics on fb, but only because I didn't have digital copies at the time. I did however announce my pregnancies on fb with DD around 14 weeks and with my current pregnancy at 20 weeks, as we had had complications. I also pm'd my close friends when I MC'd. I do however have very strict privacy setting on my fb.
But that is just my personal situation.

I don't think there is anything wrong with not wanting to post pictures on fb either. My DH has a similar opinion to you Pixel and doesn't want me to post pictures either, I still do occasionally, however I can see exactly why, anything posted on the internet is there forever! People don't seem to think that through very often when they are posting information or photo's.

I agree with you wanting to wait to announce it (if you or your DP do on fb), as it sounds as though you are only early in the pregnancy.

Good luck with everything, and although it is both your choices, I'm sure you will be able to come up with a compromise that makes both of you happy!

I wont let DH put any photos of our DS on facebook. I dont want creepy people looking at my son!! Thats way to private to plaster over FB for the world to see!

But you have a photo of him on here? Thats even less private than facebook!!! blink

But you have a photo of him on here? Thats even less private than facebook!!! blink

The creeps must be selective and only trawl fb then ??? He he!!! (OR, the hubby's friends are creeps???)

I think guys get a raw deal some time. They need permission from many to put up a blurred ultrasound shot, and lets face it, they all look the same from 1 bub to the next. Then, another poster 'won't let' her husband put a photo up on his fb page, but obviously thinks the rules are different for herself.

How many have asked hubby if it's all right to put a pic of HIS bub or himself up on your fb/huggies profile??? Or, have no dramas discussing initimate details of your relationship... all while there is a photo of yourself or bub, which could be linked back to him???


I remember putting up a photo of myself and DH on here quite a few months back, only for a short while though, then I took it down.

At first, when I told DH he was a little "put out".... until I showed him that some of the members on here had written about him saying he was hot and resembled Vin Diesel! LOL! He wasn't too angry with me then. Typical bloke! LMAO!

He still reminds me of that even now, particularly if I am cross with him about something. "You know, some women think I look like Vin Diesel you know..." as he strolls around the house trying to look sexy! Cheeky bugger! laugh tongue

The unfortunate part about posting on a forum is that people will only repond to the information you have provided. In this case based soley on what was initally posted, it doesn't give a lot of information besides that you didn't want his ex seeing them and you were worried about people seeing your uterus. Based on that I personally couldn't understand what the concern was. But now that you have given more information and that you are waiting on tests to make sure the baby is healthy, then yes I can totally understand this.

I'm glad you and your partner have been able to come to an understanding that you are both comfortable with and I hope that the tests go well for you.
sorry that you took my post to offense wasnt not trying to do that just pointing out how i saw your post. In your life on here or any where else people will always say stuff you dont like. that's a fact. I am sorry to say but just about every second post you read in here will be some soon-to-be-mum venting about some female from their partners past ect and half the dads get crucified for doing something in their minds is a sweet thing, but the mum dont think so. at the end of the day fb can be set up so no one unless who you say can see your profile or photos ect. i dont put everything about my life on the internet but if my dh wanted too i would be fine as long as we had discussed first. hate to tell people but huggies is more public then you think apart from your first name ect but you can use a different name on fb aswel, it's what information you give out is used, if someone wants to stalk you or hack your computer they will.
the outcome for you pixel was after talking to your partner you came to an agreement that you were both happy with? i can see that things arent going so smooth for you just now but i dont put stuff up about my personal life ect or problems with that im having in my life or health problems ect unless i can handle hearing everyone's opinion it's the same with people that post about having abortions ect some people will see why others crucifies them for it. something to think about but everyone will have different opinions and views as you and once again im sorry that you took my opinion/ view in a way that was not intended. I hope your baby will be healthy and the rest of your pregnancy go smoothly. once again im sorry.
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