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26yr playing Xbox Lock Rss

ok so where do i start, DP is being so annoying!!!! he doesnt help out with anything, he doesnt come to bed till 3am every morning cause hes to busy playing his Xbox, & then in the morning he gets up around 9am & starts playing his Xbox again, he doesnt do anything else but play that hes friggen 26 isnt it time to grow up & be a dad, he takes no responsiblity what so ever, & im pregnant again so im so exhausted doing everything on my own, i feel so lonely he never wants to talk to me about anything but Xbox games!! ahhhhh some advice please
Tell him your going to smash it if he doesnt pull his fingure out and man-up! Maybe he needs to join a support group "my name is DP and I am addicted to xbox" lol
i really do feel your pain that has been my life the last 37 or so weeks and its taken until now for partner to realise he needs to ease up a little on the game play - i have been pretty understanding of a few things and cutting him some slack but i must have hit a nerve the other day because i pointed out that its only 2-3 more weeks till baby and the online time i have had with him has been with friends and that i wasnt asking for the whole day just an hour or 2 for us .. he said the next day that he had churned things over and he does want to spend time with me and he will.

if you have tried talking to him and he does squat all keep trying - if he doesnt get the message simply let him fend for himself do his own washing and dishes his own dinners and lunches then maybe hell appreciate how much you do for him. Tell him your not his mum have some standard rules if you cook he cleans up , he has to take washing basket to machine and load it and youll hang and fold it.

I can honestly say to make my point it did take for me to up and leave for him to get the message that i wasnt going to stand for certain things anymore

Or you can buy a rabbit and let him loose amongst the xbox wires ( defanitly works on ps3 cables )

good luck, hope things work out for you i know its hard my partners a gamer but also makes them for a living so i feel for you
My hubby is a gamer, we both are but he more into than i ever be.

Tell him fine you can play but you need to be helping me out more. Put your foot down.

I set hubby some ground rules. He can play at night when the kids are in bed and not past midnight since he got to get up and go to work. It may sound like i treating him like a child but if he had his way he would play has soon has he finish work for the day. He happy he can play now that we got 2 babies.

Tell him that he missing out on so much and you want him to share everything with your kids and it time to put the controller down for awhile.

Don't say he can't play anymore trust me they go threw the roof when you tell them that.

Sounds like hes shying away from what he needs to do.
Maybe letting him know how you feel about it, by either talking to him or writing it out.
People ( parents) give children a certain amount of time on the xbox's or whatever, seems he needs the same treatment.
i know exactly how you feel. except my DH plays the ps3. he used to be good and only play it at night and occasionally during the day, up until recently he was playing from 8am til 2am every day he didnt have work, and it just so happened he couldnt work for a month straight. this is what i did.

1. talk to him about how you feel, if that doesnt work then,
2. hide his x-box and when he looks for it tell him "i need your full attention to tell you this, its either you or the xbox, if he doesnt cut right back on the playing then your gone" and actually mean this.

i did this for dh. i tried talking to him, he seemed to realise what he was doing was wrong and said he will cut back, then because i was upset i said ok, well im going for a shower. i didnt even get to turn the shower on before i could hear the ps3 being turned on so when i got up the next morning i hid them and told him to chose. he decided to cut back on the ps3 (smart choice) but he still stays up til very late playing it.

since then he has brought an ipod so now i have to do something again, if he isnt on the computer downloading games, playing the ps3 or on his ipod playing games he's sleeping. so time for another talk i think.

btw im due with our second child, what was frustrating me was that my ds is 2.5 years old and realises if an adult swears he can repeat the word without getting into trouble, DH would always get frustrated and swear at the tv or be very cranky when talking so that was my big issue.

GOOD LUCK, i'm just about ready to smash everything and live in the stone age.

this is why i refuse to buy any of those for our home, dh is bad enough with the tv i couldnt handle it if he spent any more time in his day wasting it. dont get me wrong i think they can be fun but i hate them aswell, i always say to my dh that u dont get memories from the telly or playing a game. playing with ur son outside for 10 minutes u can though.

if we had one in the house it may be fun every now and then but i know he would abuse it and i would feel the same as u. because he obviously already has one i would def sit him down and tell him how u feel and set some rules.
Does he work?
I know how you feel my dh is a ps3 player he use to be on it before work and on weekends and we never had time together till I ended up in hospital with high blood pressure during pregnancy (first child). I use to try and talk to him but he would just ignore me. The only thing u can really do is put your foot down and make it clear what you want men just don't understand some things in less you put your foot down and set the rules. Since I had our ds early at 36weeks which was 9 weeks ago my dh has only been on the ps3 a few times. Now I got the problem of my dh wanting to spend money on fish tanks he's already got one I don't know why he needs any more but I think it has to do with him being a twin and his twin brother having so many its like a competition who can do the best drives me mad but hey he doesn't have a kid to support like we do.
my partner (28yrs) and i are gamers too, him more than me but when the kids are in bed ill sit down to play lol.. anyway, my partner does stuff to help me and then sits down to play ps3 or xbox.
smashing or hiding it is really not a good idea, just talk to him and make him listen
has he always been this way and its annoying you now due to you being pregnant? if that is the case, he might not see a problem as its always been the norm?
goodluck x
My DH is 28 and games as well, but I'm like a *** about it. DH works shift work on a 24/7 roster, so sometimes he is home in the day while DD is at kindy and I'm at work and I am happy for him to game long as he has finished my 'TO DO' list. usually on the list is 3 things i need him to do to help the house vacuuming, washing, tidying the living area or kitchen, cleaning the bathroom. i don't make the list lengthy or give him heaps of long chores but if he is going to game all day i would feel better if he has actually helped the house.

DH always does the list, otherwise he knows world war 3 would happen.

When DD and I are at home, I'm happy for him to game as long as he doesn't miss dinner and spends some family time with us. he has been great for the past 5 years with these rules...he gets plenty of time to game and I get things done that i needed that may not have been done otherwise smile

ok my situation was a little different to yours. Hubby was till recently an only child and had grown up as an only child so was very spoilt by his mum. He aint really in to gaming but is into wwe (boys and thier addictions ha gals is this not a common thread.) He was not really helping much around the house and Him and I do equal hours of work roughly. With no kids as an excuse I was getting tired. I asked for help he pretty much was like yeh yeh. SOOO I said that if he wasn't gonna do it.. i was gonna pay someone to do it. That changed his attitude HEAPS ... Now have a good working team roster ...and I dont feel so pressured to do things. Amazing what the threat of spending money on hired help can do.
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