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has this happened to u Rss

Just wondering how many people fell pregnant on the pill please tell me what pill. see I am showing alot of pregnancy symptoms like sleeping in longer than ushual peeing a little more I not getting up in the night, crampy, very bloated and look it, blood nose mostly when I blowmy nose or wipe always there , I get nausia mostly at night sometime a little during the day, slight back ach andjust feel pregnant but i did get a false negative just under 2 weeks ago but when I think about it it could have been to early to test and i did have some of these symptoms then only the nausia and started to sleep in oh and eating like a horse oh I am on the mini pill so when I started that 2 weeks later i had my period again then none and round the time i had sex i prob O i take my pill at the same time everyday without fale. so who hear fell prego on the pill and had a neg test tell me even if ya had a pos would love to hear ya stories please

I fell pregnant on Levlen Ed. I took a test at 7 weeks and it came up positive straight away.

I concieved DS whilst taking Loette. I got a BFP on a HPT at 5 weeks I was extremely sick already and had an adversion to alot of foods.
I had fallen pregnant on the mini pill cant remember what it was called though. It was different to what the other ladies had had. I had a test done i was 5 weeks which was a negative another 5 weeks later when my bbs were feeling a little sore i got a positive and was 10 weeks pregnant
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