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Going from one to two... Lock Rss

I am only six weeks pregnant with bub no.2 but I'm already wondering will I need a double pram? (my son will be 2.5 by the time new bub arrives)

I know I have a while to get ourselves organized, but am just wondering what other mums and dads have done?
My son was the same age has your's when i had little man. I just used a baby pram and got little master to walk with me if i didn't have hubby with me. But if hubby was with me i had a normal pram for toddlers and he would push our oldest around.

Or if i didn't want little master to walk i would use a sling to carry the baby around and put our oldest in a pram.

Wow thanks for the replies. I'll look into the skateboard attachment, I've not seen them before. We do have a baby sling, so thanks for the helpful advice.
DS is your Ds's age, and DD is 6 months. I used the single pram i used with DS when DH was with me but i brought a double pram aswel when we went on a holiday as DS kept falling asleep and DD is a big bubba (born 9 pound 4)

We still use the double pram if we go on big outings where DS may get tired and fall asleep. we got the double stroller looking thing from target (they're on special atm for $104) they a tiniest bit wider then a normal stroller. also the boards i've seen at big w, target ect for aroung $50-$100 each.

my daughter will be 3 in october & bubs was born in feb.

I got the strider plus, it's fantastic, i also have the capsule too.
You definately still need a pram for you older child, they're still so little & tire out easily.
I don't like double prams they're really wide & i'm not a fan of toddler seats if you're out for a long period of time..

I love the fact that with the strider plus you can remove the second seat if you're out and about with just one child..

good luck smile

Congratulations smile DS was really excited to meet his new baby sister and we would tell him that she had a special present for him when she arrived. We got him a toy that he wanted for a while and gave it to him when he come to meet her at hospital. He has loved her from day 1 and is very gentle and loving. Not sure that's to do with the toy but it got them off on a good start anyway. He's 3yrs 3mths older than her.

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

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