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How soon did you get a positive pregnancy test?? Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

Sorry if this post is in the wrong area tongue

Just wondering how many dpo were you when you got a positive result on a home pregnancy test?

The earliest I ever got a positive result out of all 3 of my pregnancies was when I was 13dpo - I started testing at around 9dpo.
I don't understand all this DPO stuff ... I got my BFP for my second and third (present) pregnancy when I missed AF. So when AF was due smile
I was 12 PDO, I think, but there might have been the faintest line at 11 DPO, the day before AF was due.
I know a few people who have got their BFP's as early as 9 DPO. I wouldn't bother testing before then though smile

First two. Have no idea, third was 9dpo, fourth was 8dpo (in the afternoon)
well i got mine 6dpo very very faint but there smile i will be doing another at 9dpo smile

I was 16dpo, very very faint line!! Did one at 9dpo which came back negative. Turned out bub was a late implanter and was 2 weeks behind what I should have been wink he (I think it's a boy hehe) has been a trouble maker from the start wink
I had sex on the 3rd and got a BFP on the 14th lol don't know when i ovulated or anything though

Forever, for always and no matter what

I tested positive 7dpo, after my aunty rang the day before to ask when I was due (hadn't spoken to her in nearly 12months before that phone cal!!) Was a faint line then, retested 7 days later when AF was due and the pos line was10times darker than the control line that time!!! LOL!! smile
It is detectable about 8 days after fertilization and throughout pregnancy. The amount is maximum in the body between the 7th and 12th week of pregnancy and falls.

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