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How soon did you get a positive pregnancy test?? Rss

Hi Everyone,

Sorry if this post is in the wrong area tongue

Just wondering how many dpo were you when you got a positive result on a home pregnancy test?

The earliest I ever got a positive result out of all 3 of my pregnancies was when I was 13dpo - I started testing at around 9dpo.
I don't understand all this DPO stuff ... I got my BFP for my second and third (present) pregnancy when I missed AF. So when AF was due smile
I was 12 PDO, I think, but there might have been the faintest line at 11 DPO, the day before AF was due.
I know a few people who have got their BFP's as early as 9 DPO. I wouldn't bother testing before then though smile

First two. Have no idea, third was 9dpo, fourth was 8dpo (in the afternoon)
well i got mine 6dpo very very faint but there smile i will be doing another at 9dpo smile

I was 16dpo, very very faint line!! Did one at 9dpo which came back negative. Turned out bub was a late implanter and was 2 weeks behind what I should have been wink he (I think it's a boy hehe) has been a trouble maker from the start wink
I had sex on the 3rd and got a BFP on the 14th lol don't know when i ovulated or anything though

Forever, for always and no matter what

I tested positive 7dpo, after my aunty rang the day before to ask when I was due (hadn't spoken to her in nearly 12months before that phone cal!!) Was a faint line then, retested 7 days later when AF was due and the pos line was10times darker than the control line that time!!! LOL!! smile
It is detectable about 8 days after fertilization and throughout pregnancy. The amount is maximum in the body between the 7th and 12th week of pregnancy and falls.

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Your two week wait (2ww) starts the day of your transfer. If you have a 5 day transfer, you will likely get a positive pregnancy test 2 days earlier than with a 3 day transfer. This is because the 5 day embryo is more developed.
Making the right choice is of huge importance. We made it wrong at first. I want to share. We experienced 2 failed ivf cycles with a clinic in Greece. After all I voiced my concerns. I couldn't see how I could get prego when their process stresses me out. They wanted me to put in writing for them to learn from my experience. But I didn't. I felt I was not there to assist in their how to act as professionals sessions. Specialists not doing their own procedures, so that was it from me . I do realise we are playing with nature, but some respect is still required! With biotex we experienced the process absolutely vice versa. We're thankful for that! Struggling couples like us should be taken care of with respect and support. We're thankful the stuff understands this. Hope the process is going smooth for you.?
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