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4 weeks preg Rss

hi just a quick question,
i believe i am 4 weeks preg when did you all go to the doc to do a blood test. I cant remeber with my first it was so long ago. am i better just to wait or do i ned to go starigh away!

I went to the doctor straight away for blood tests, and I asked for a dating scan to confirm my dates.

Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy smile

I am 5 weeks tomorrow and I went straight away to make sure....
Congratulations!!! I'll be 8 weeks on Saturday (geez it's going quick!) and no one has taken my bloods and I've seen my GP twice. I first went to the GP at 4.5 weeks. I have had a dating scan as my cycles are all over the place.

Congratulations! I went at four and a bit weeks this time, but I had known I was pregnant for a week already. The doctor didn't offer a blood test, just a POAS, which I didn't bother with as had had a number of positives at home and reconfirmed that morning. He just gave me a referral for a scan and the OB and made sure I was taking folate etc.

Hi thanks everyone for your reply. i cant get in to the doc for a week and a half so that will put me at 51/2 weeks. i hope thats ok... !! reading back through my post i didnt soumnd very happy about being pregnant. i am so excited just so shocked it happened extremely fast as in cycle one. i guess i allowed myself a few months to get pregnant....thanks again and b aby dust to all!!
i first went at 6 weeks and never had a blood test. was just sent for a dating scan.

I went to the GP at 6 weeks (I found out I was pregnant earlier but was overseas at the time, so this was the soonest I could see him).
He sent me to get bloods done right away. They were just routine to make sure you are generally healthy (vitamins, iron etc), they also check your immunity against certain viruses like Chicken Pox. I don't think they are mandatory but I was glad my GP was thorough.
Just book in right away, there is no reason to wait now that you know your pregnant! Congratulations!!

I also think I am about 4 weeks pregnant and I tried to book into my doctor but she (and all the other docs in the clinic) are away until the 14th of Jan. I am also going on holidays myself next week until the 18th of Jan.
I had a miscarriage two months ago at 6 weeks so I am keen to see a doc before I go away. I am probably going to go to the hospital Womens and Childrens clinic as this is where i went when I had my miscarriage as they know my history and can easily forward all info to my normal doc.
I mainly want to confirm with blood test and to get referral to obstetrician as I know they can fill us quickly.
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