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Looking for advice to make my sister feel a little more comfortable around me. Lock Rss

I am 22 weeks now and loving it smile but my older sister has been trying for a baby for the past 2 years and although she is happy for me, since its the first grandchild for my parents they have gone a little crazy on buying baby things and always bring up the baby. I can see that it makes my sister comfortable and i was just wondering if there was anything i could do to make her more comfortable.

Thanks for the help smile
By the sounds of it just being aware of your sisters feelings you are doing an amazing job. I like the above idea. I have been TTC for over a year and while i get a bit jealous when someone close gets pregnant i am still over the moon for them, My lil sis and lil bro have both had children in the time i have been TTC and while they were both unexpected pregnancies i love my little nephews to peices.

I would say talk to your sister about it as well because i think whe would appreciate it, (i know i would)
Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy

I was in a similar situation, a woman at work as been trying for 5 years to have a little one and was unfortunate enough to have a miscarriage and I fell pregnant not long after that. I felt so guilty. But its not like I did it on purpose.

I just sat down with her and explained that it was a malicious thing or anything and was a complete accident, but if it made her uncomfortable I would obviously "keep it to myself" as in not talk about it around her. Although upset a little bit, she was really happy for me.

Safe to say we are still friends and shes coming to my baby shower smile

I was in the same situation but I was the older sister who wanted another baby we were also trying for 2 yrs... I found out my sister was pregnant and a few weeks later I found out she had a miscarriage I was devastated then she feel again is not 24 weeks and my sister in law was pregnant as well I just kept thinking why is this not happening for me..... But she is happy for you I was over the moon.... Just as I was giving up on all ope of being a mum again I found out I am now expecting and believe it or not I am having twins..... Your sister loves you and she is happy she just needs time to have a cry that's its not her but as I did it took me a week and I said sorry to my sis for being a bitch when this is the happiest time of her life..... We are now 12 weeks apart.......
Just be there for your sister she will come around
Hmm this is so tricky and I've sort of been in the same situation except with my little sis and she can't have kids at all. It was pretty hard when DS1 was born and when she saw him for the first time. We were sensitive when we told her I was pregnant but it's also so hard at times as the kids are my life, and it's not like you can't not talk about them at all. I am finding it harder in fact now a couple years on as mum keeps on saying that my sis finds it hard but i don't know how to make it easier iykwim,

Good luck, just keep on being sensitive

Hi, i am in a similar situation with my sister having been through ivf unsuccessfully several times. Unfortunately everyone seemed a bit awkward when i announced my pregnancy because they were anxious that they might upset her. It didn't make for an exciting early pregnancy with my family reacting the opposite to yours. However i have actually spoken to my sister privately and she has expressed how bad SHE feels because of the way everyone has reacted. It does make her sad sometimes but i am still her sister and she is excited for me. I think you need to speak to your sister because i think she is probably well aware of how you feel with everyone being so excited. I am sure she would feel a bit upset and jealous sometimes but that's normal, she is probably very happy about being an aunty though. Just speak openly with her and maybe tell your mum (in private) to dial down the baby talk.

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