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Im in Denial!! Lock Rss

Hi Ladies!

So i have found out a week ago that I am pregnant, I am around 4 weeks and 5 days today.
I have taken 3 tests, just to be sure the previous tests were actually positive! I have gone to the DR who has done the first visit bloods that have come back normal and today i went for an early ultrasound to date the pregnancy ( even though i already knew when my last period was) and didnt see anything! not even the sac! I went for the scan hoping to see something so that it would be a little more real to me. Im in so much denial and i keep thinking that this isnt really happening!Not seeing anything hasnt helped with the denial at all, they said that the reason why nothing showed up was because i, too early still. Also, it was a morning scan and i needed a full bladder and i wasnt bursting to pee until about 15-20 minutes after the scan!kinda forgot about the full bladder part and went to the toilet..:/ ANYWAY! My symptoms that i have been having is nausea and heartburn on and off, fatigue and mild cramping which seem to be getting better now.No spotting or bleeding which is a relief!
When did it start becoming real to you that you were actually having a baby?
My pregnancy was unplanned.

Hi, I just found out yesterday that I am 4 weeks 4 days. I have taken one test and I am slightly in denial.. I have two beautiful boys but I have also had three miscarriages I want to be positive but find it scary.. I need to find a midwife and I'm avoiding it as I know that a scan wont show a thing at this stage. We had discussed having another but not this fast.. we agreed beginning of January. Good luck hun I hope it works out well for you xx
i was in the same boat as ypu , i had an early scan which showed nothing at all and i was so confused and sad, but a few weeks later i had another scan and there was bubs, i dont think it became real until i started to show ! anyway good luck , hope all goes wellxx
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