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Morning Sickness Rss

Hi all
Im due to meet my buba on the 24th of november and was wondering if anyone else has to eat all the time due to sickness?
Im like eating all dam day feel like a machine lol
I had a big bowl of soup for dinner and now 2 hours later I am hungry
its full on this is my second buba and I had really bad sickness with the first but I just feel like ahhhhhhhhh is anyone else a eating machine?? and just feeling sick all friggen day!!??
yup. im 6 1/2 weeks and if theres not food in my belly i feel sick!
i was previously on a health kick and now im eating everything!
im surprised more people havent clued on (i did have 2 people just flat out say i must be pregnant coz i now eat and pee all the time) lol


I was like this with DD. I ate constantly!!! If I didnt eat I felt sick. This lasted till I was about 16 weeks! But I ate alot more in my second pregnancy than my first and put on about 20 or so kg. Thankfully it was all gone by the time DD was 4 months old.
This is my 3rd pregnancy and I haven't experienced morning sickness like this. I can't eat anything I normally would, I end up feeling so yuck. Sweet things and water are the worst for me for some reason.

But I can eat as many servings of dinner as possible and I'll still be hungry within an hr.

Hopefully it goes away soon, I'm 10 weeks now.
Yep! I was like that until about 19 weeks and now at 32 weeks I can hardly keep anything down no matter how much/little I eat!! Can't wait for it to be over.
Yes, it's absolutely okay! Don't worry, it's temporary. Wishing you the best of luck!

Best wishes, World Center of Baby

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