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Twin pregnancy Lock Rss

I am pregnant with my 2 nd and 3 rd babies.... I am getting tired of people telling me how small I am for having twins I am currently 24 weeks and have put on 9 kilos I am still smaller than what I was with my first due to gaining 30 and losing 40 , 5 yrs ago I have an ideal weight gain of about 20 I hear I will be expected to put on..... Is this normal....
Just makes u think there is something wrong I had a tight body so I think I am all's true everyone has an opinion..... One thing I can't stand is people rubbing my belly with out asking the only ones I thinks it's ok is my hubby and my 5 yr old when people do it including family every time I say it's not going to give you 3 wishes so please stop I find it very rude u wouldn't touch my stomach if I wasn't pregnant ask before touching I think......
I'm so tired of hearing how big I am for having one, so I share your pain. Some people have the tact to keep their opinions to themselves...many don't evidently. So long as we're healthy and our babies are healthy, I really don't think there is a right or wrong size for a bump. They're all beautiful because of the little miracles they hold inside.
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