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feeling so alone Lock Rss

Hi, my name is bec, when I first came onto this site i posted about how I had left my partner because he wasn't treating me right. I moved about 5 hours away to live with my parents and i was hoping we would work things out.
I'm almost 36 weeks now and its like he has moved on or something. I don't know, maybe I'm being paranoid but I feel like he is just stringing me along until after I have the baby.
When I rang him the other day he said that his family all hate me for leaving him and that no one really wants me to go back to him. He said hes doesn't know if he wants me back, but he still loves me. He then says he doesn't have the time or money to support a family!
I don't know what to do, Ive been living in hope that we would be together, that I could move back in with him after I have our child. And now that I've only a few weeks to go he tells me he isn't sure if he wants a family! Its hard to let go when you're still living in hope, it would be easier if he would just tell me straight that he wants to end it.
Keep having these fears that I'll go into labour and tell him and he'll drive down to see the baby and then tell me that its over. That maybe the only reason why he is even picking up the phone these days is so that I think he still loves me so he can have a chance at being at the birth.
Feel so emotionally drained, I'm so over this feeling, just want it to all go away.


dont put yourself through such emotionally stress hunny. tell him you dont need him dont let him think that are going to be here for when he decies he wants you

sweetheart you deserve sooo much better, we all do. there is a saying ive heard

"no man is worth your tears and the one who is will neva make you cry"

while you are like this with a man that dare i say would neva say that stuff to you if he really loved you (he would protect you from it) you are dyning yourself happiness and true love. tis man dosnt want to help you, if he did, money wouldnt be an issue he'd do anything to support you and your child and all his time would be with you

i hope this helps and i know that it is things that you dont want to hear but i think he forgets he will have to give you money anyway (child support)

good luck sweetheart dont deny you and your child of the happiness you deserve

you can do it alone and if not do a beta job cos u will be happy

manda smile xx

DD may 03, DS oct 06

Hi Bec

I know how your feel,
i may only be 8 weeks along, not quite as far as you.
My ex left me about a weeek before i found out i was pregnant. I told im and he didnt seem to care.

i still love him to bits and wish we could work things out, but he is being so incredibly selfish and saying things like' i love being free as a bird' and spending all his money down the pub.

His mother has never liked me and is constantly saying horrible and hurtful things to me, then turns around and says she a good christian (shes very hypocritical)

i know im still holding on to something in our relationship that isnt there. And at the same time i know i'll be better off without him, but i doesnt stop it hurting any less. At the end of the day i still love him ,and i think i always will and hes still the father of my unborn child.

If you need to talk or get it off your chest just send me an email, i'll listen. (i think im already on your msn:))

Dont stress to much paige will be here soon smile


Kellie~ DS Rylan Jonathon 24/12/06 Ezekiel Arthur

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