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realationship problems can anyone give me some advice Lock Rss

Hi just in need of some advice last year was arather rough year for us my daughter was diagnosed with lukemia so had to uproot and move to brisbane for her to get the life saving treatment she desperately need and is still in need of all while being in the last trimester of pregnancy.After 3mnths of hospital stays with my daughter and countless trips to antenatal apptmnts due to haveing pregnancy complications. After a week of being out of hospital with my daughter, she suddenly needed to go back to hospital this was the time my partner whom is 35 decided that he needed to start sexting a 19 yr old lady whom he had met over the internet that lives in darwin while my two older girls slept in their beds jst down the hallway that same night he left my daughter and i still heavily pregnant at the hospital. I had a feeling thatsumthing was nt quite right and wen i asked him if he had done sumthing he needed to tell me about his excuse was he hadnt slept well tht nitht and was jst tired so i accepted it amonth later after an emergeny csection and a 3am feeding i decided to washup my partners phone on charge near the sink i accidently spilled water over his phone which he gaurds likea hawk grabbing a teatowel and franticallywiping the water off the screen to turn the phone over and see rather explicit pictures tht had been sent between i was devistated we i confronted him about it he told me that in his mind he felt like we were nothing more then friends to toughen up and get over it cause hed only done it once it was stupid thing to do however he enjoyed it but promised he wouldnt do that to me again now 9months later the same thing has happened again i feel like my heart and guts has been ripped out and stood all over then put back where it belongs can anyone give me some advice on what should i do as we now have a daughter together that is a constant reminder forme of his indescrestions but i love her to death so confused jst dont knw wat to do help
Unfortunately I am one of those people who believes that if they've cheated on you once, they'll do it again. He may not have been in a physical relationship with this woman or have actually done anything with her because she is in another state but, if he's quite happy to stray and send explicit messages over the phone then what's next? Once he gets bored of that but realises he likes the attention he gained from doing that, the next step will actually be finding someone in your area to "muck around with". And, while he may think it's harmless fun because you're "preoccupied" with your sick daughter and baby, it's clearly unacceptable.

I think that, although not ideal and probably not what you would have wanted from life right now, you may surprise yourself with how strong and capable you can be doing this on your own, if you have to. You need to do what is best for your kids and not subject them to an environement where they believe a man can treat a woman the way you are being treated.

im sorry to hear of your situation but im ganna have to agree with pinal if he's gone far enough to send the pics the next step is doing the " deed"
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