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I think it depends on how much control and awareness your partner has.

My partner and I use this method and have rarely had an "accident", and never a conception.

There is semen that is "leaked" before ejaculation, so that can be a trap. Some men leak semen more than others I think.

Most men don't have enough control to make this reliable, so I think it does depend on your partner and how able he is in recognising the signs and feelings during sex. Would he be able to recognise if it hadn't worked?

I think it is very common for people to conceive with this method.
It's very common for pregnancy to happen with this type of method. It's not a recognized, reliable form of birth control. As Windwill said it's variable about how effective it is and a number of factors are going to influence it. I think if you are in a position where you can accept a surprise pregnancy and want to do this method then that's fine, but if you really don't want another baby I'd look at other contraception. But you said you're happy to have another baby... 5 days late... I'd go get yourself a test! Good luck smile

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Me&U+1 wrote:
He did mention that he wasn't gonna pull out but did so maybe he didn't do it early enough...
We've never had any problems before and he is usually very controlled.

I guess just ask him about it then smile

You definitely could be pregnant.
Sooooo did you test?

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Wow, how exciting!!!
Never had an accident in 11 years, only the 3 times we wanted too. But if he feels he waited til too late... Good luck!

I hope it happens soon for you.

Many pregnancies (I think more than 50% from memory) fail in the first few weeks and seem like a late period, so you could have potentially conceived but it was just never going to work out for whatever reason. Apparently that happens a lot but most women don't realise they were ever pregnant in the first place.
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