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very emotional Lock Rss

Hi im 37 week's pregnant, I have a 2.5 yr old son who I was sitting on the lounge with tonight watching a movie, I started to cry thinking about how he is going to feel when the baby is born. He is mummys little boy and I am so scared he is going to feel left out. I was crying and he said u ok mummy and I said yes sweetie and he said u just scared of the spider lol this made me cry even more. He is so beautiful and I can't bare the thought not giving him my 100%.
I know how u feel,I'm 38 weeks and I also have a son who is my world. I love him so much but then remember that while it will change,the bond u have with your son won't,and even though u will be giving him less attention it will just make the time you have with him even more precious. Good luck in your labour,not long for us now lol.
Hi ladies, just thought I'd let you know I had my second when my first was just over two and yes the first few days she did not like! However it was more that she didn't realise what had happened then that she didn't like the new addition. Once she got her head around it she was in love. Even though you might feel you will be splitting your time and love believe me, you don't. You can involve your two year olds in the daily routine like bathing and nappy changing and you'll always have more love to give, it doesn't get spit 50/50 it doubles to 100/100 smile

Good Luck
Oww what ur feelkng is normal, ive got a 6 month old and a 2 and a half. She was dine not problem s, she helps me out loves her sister
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