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How much weight gain have you put on during pregnancy? Lock Rss

Hi there,

I'm 28 wks pregnant and although I didn't weigh myself properly at the beginning of my pregnancy, or throughout so I have no actual comparison I believe I have put on close to 15-18 kgs already! Eek!

I started out at around 65kgs.

Does how much you eat affect the baby's weight when born?

Just curious to see how much you've put on. I know a lot of sites say putting on between 10-15kg in total at end of birth is normal, so I'm a bit worries that I've already put on about 15 kgs + at 28 wks.

if you are worried about your weight gain talk to your midwife they will know what is Ok. I know plenty of people who have put on a considerable amount. I myself don't seem to put on much. 5kg at 8 months so far and not much more with previous pregnancies. My babies seem to be unaffected and came out 8pound 3 and 8pound 13. I think what is more important is that you are eating healthy, not gaining weight on junk food, some women just seem to hold onto weight more then others
With my first born I put on 17kg in total. I didn't eat very well through most of that pregnancy. He was 7pound 14ounce born at 37weeks 3days.

I'm now 37 weeks pregnant and I've gained around 10kg this time around. I've eaten a much more balanced diet this time, a variety of fruits and veg, and trying to stick to a 'meat and 3veg' guideline for lunch or dinner. Healthier choices have been easier cos I haven't been craving junk food and takeaway like I did with my first haha. In fact fast food made me feel really sick all through my first trimester and part of my second.
So I guess I can't comment until this baby is here as to if my healthier eating habits will have had an impact on the baby's size...
Some things are just out of your control though... If your mother gained lots of weight during pregnancy, then it's likely you will too.. It's just a fact of being pregnant I guess! If you are worried though, have a chat with your dr smile

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

With both pregnancies my starting weight was 63kg. The first bub I put on 25kg and the second I put on 22kg. I didn't eat heaps of bad food, but I was hungry so I probably ate more than normal I guess. I found about 10kgs of the weight was fluid and baby. The rest was me smile I lost the weight after 12 months, I didn't have to exercise or diet it just slowly came off.

I put on 19kg with my pregnancy, most of it in the 1st and 2nd trimesters. I had my son at 37 weeks and he was only 3kg (approx 6lbs)... Including him, my waters etc I lost 7kg with the whole birthing process. But it's taken me a year to get back/close to my pre birth weight, 3.5kgs to go!
I had regular scans and at 34 weeks they were telling me I was having a big baby... But they were wrong, he was tiny!
Don't let it worry you, I don't think your weight gain impacts the babies birth weight although I do encourage healthy eating and lots of water. All the best to you and your growing bubba xx
I gained about 35kgs, stopped weighing myself towards the end as was getting really depressed, wasn't eating terribly but was eating a lot more than normal, plus drinking more (instead of water I would have milo or orange juice). DD was 9 pound 4. I put on 14kgs in the first trimester which was a pretty bad start really since DD would have weighed bugger all at that point.

DD is 6 months old and I've lost 25kgs with a mixed amount of effort, didn't try hard in the beginning but since I have started trying hard to get it off it is coming off.

From what I can tell if you haven't had a weight problem in the past it should fall off easily, if you have struggled with weight then it will be more of the same and will be much harder to shift.

Unless your midwife or OB is concerned I wouldn't worry, enjoy your last trimester and just focus on making the best choices you can.
My first baby I gained 20 kg and she was a teeny newborn- 2.6kg. I lost most of that weight in the first week, and the rest slowly came off over the first year but there was 4 kg that I couldn't shake.

My second I gained 22kg, lost that pretty quickly, too. It took a year to lose it all. Another girl. She was 3.2 kg

My third baby (boy) I gained 17kg- he was 3.6 kg.

I still have 4 kg to lose (and then if I want to get pedantic I have that original 4 kg from first baby too).

Remember- it has taken you almost a year to gain this weight, so don't stress if baby is 6 months old and you are struggling to lose the remaining kg's. Your body will need time.

GL and congratulations. Try not to stress, but certainly bring it up at your next appointment if you're worried, the midwives and doctors will have a better idea of what's healthy for you and if there are any concerns smile
I started at 83kg and was seriously overweight. I expected I'd put on heaps of weight but I was lucky and only put on 6kg and 4kg of that was DS. I lost all that within a week or two and have lost a further 6kg since. DS is 14 weeks old.

I'm not sure at all how much I gained. I can't remember my first weigh in but I had recently got myself back to a more ideal physique and because my weight gain never got visibly out of control we didn't do further weighs. I felt like a Heffer at the end but looking back at photos it was just belly and fluid in my legs and a bit more full in the face. It came off relatively easy after the birth. I swear I sweated most of it off in the first couple of weeks. About 6 months after I was back to my normal self with the exception of a belly that needs targeted excercise to shift.

I ate no better or worse than not pregnant and dd was just under 8lb at birth.

I put on at least 15kgs (probably more as I never weighed myself right at the start or right at the end) and my DS was 6 pound 10 - so not a huge baby, just under what my doctor classed as average. (He said average was between 7 to 8 pounds). I never ate as healthy as I should have - but I don't think my lack of healthy eating affected my bubs weight when born - but that is my opinion - but he definitely wasn't fat for a bub born the day before his due date.
I gained 18kg with my first, 25kg with my second and 27kg with my 3rd!! I didn't eat any different to what I usually did, I definitely didn't exercise as much as usual (am usually a bit if a fitness fanatic) so maybe that contributed? I just seemed to pile on the weight while preggers- hated that part of being pregnant sad managed to loose it all each time though so not such a big deal in the end. Oh and my babies were 8lb, 7lb6 and 7lb so not overly big bubbas at all.
I'd mention it to your midwife see what she thinks . As long as you're being healthy I wouldn't be too concerned smile
I'm 39 weeks at the moment and have put on 18kgs, started out at 65kg but dropped 5kg in the first trimester due to morning sickness and not wanting to eat. I've been making a bit of an effort to eat healthy, some days go better than others though tongue
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