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Essentials/ nice to haves for new borns - gift registry Lock Rss

Hi there,

Shoot me with ideas on the essentials for a new born for my baby shower and types.

I.e. baby bath
How many onesies
Breast pump

If you have any good brands for each that would be recommended too and I am looking for places that sell them in NZ.

Cheers, look forward to hearing your thoughts smile
I aimed to have 6 of everything essential clothing wise I,e, body suits with hands and feet, singlets, tops, pants etc
I really like the babykids organic body suits from baby factory and they have good basic wool tops, onesies etc too
Farmers have some ok sales on their baby stuff too.
I had about 5 small towels and heaps of wash cloths (I like the bamboo towels if you can afford)
3 or 4 fitted sheets
2 sleep sacks (I like merino kids)
Heaps of swaddles that I didn't use much
Play mat
Woollen underlay for cot/mattress or for tummy time (farmers)
3x pram blankets (nurtured and baby city)
2 or 3 change mat covers (baby factory)
I had the avent manual breast pump but I didn't get it or bottles etc until I needed it (baby factory or farmers, can't remember)
Ear thermometer
Eco store bath and nappy balm products
Night light
Nail clippers (tomee tipped)
I had the natures sway hammock and all the related bedding

Actually, baby factory have a check list of stuff you might need which I used in my preparations.

That's all I can think of other than big ticket items.

Have fun

Bassinet with at least three sets of fitted sheets,
long sleeve and footed oneies X6minimum
Singlets X6 minimum
Swaddle wraps the bigger and thinner the better. ( can use for longer and layer depending on temperature)
A bounce
Baby nail clippers
Face washer, old towels, some thing small to put on shoulder for burping
New soft fluffy towel
Wow, you ladies are fantastic. Thanks for that, that's really helpful. Any other suggestions people have, would love to know.

Thanks smile
That's great, thank you all very much for the ideas.

Any other ideas people have, I would love to hear.

Thanks heaps smile
You need a grow egg. They tell you the temperature of the room and keep you from leaving bub too hot and they are also rec. from SIDS.
Also coloured nappies to help clean up the spills.
I would also get an electric pump as they are much faster and easier to use.
Woollen underlay for bed
Get thick and thin onesies to go with weather and clothes up to 0
Infants Friend will also help with bubs tummy aches
Jolly Jumper smile smile
With onesie jumpsuits, do yourself a favour and get ones with zips instead of clips they can get very annoying, especially when they are are big bigger and kick around;)
Blankets, face washers, dummy's, baby bottles, jumpsuits. Also I used the large cotton non disposable nappies as burp clothes- you'll know about it when they do this massive spew!
Also I sell nursery décor online stocking some NZ and Australian items for nurseries. Feel free to have a look

All the best!
I. Baby clothes:
For everyday wear, think comfort and ease. Look for soft, roomy, durable clothing that allows your child freedom to move and explore and that can hold up through frequent washings. (Spit-up and grime take their toll.)

1. One-piece outfits (5 to 7)
2. Shirts (5 to 7)
3. Leggings or pull-on pants (5 to 7)
4.Outer layers (5)

*Buy larger sizes and look for items with loose armholes that won't require tugging and fussing. Hoods are helpful for this age – just slip one over your baby's head when the temperature is chilly.

*Avoid clothing that has dangling strings, tassels, and ribbons – these are choking hazards.

5. Hats and mittens
6. Socks or booties
7. Shoes
8. Pajamas/sleepers (5 to 7)

II. Diapering

1. Diapers
2. Wipes
3. Changing pad or table

III. Baby gear

1. Baby carrier
2. Stroller
3. Car seat: A safe car seat is mandatory. T

IV. Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding

1. Nursing/feeding pillow
2. Burp cloths (6 to 12): To catch spit-up and wipe up other baby fluids.
3. Bottles (6 to 12)
4. Formula
5. Bottle brushes (2)
6. Breast pump
7. Breast milk bags
8. Highchair
9. Bowls
10. Baby spoons
11. Sippy cups (3 to 5)
12.Bibs (3 to 5)
13. Baby soothers, toys, and entertainment
14. Pacifiers
15. Bouncy seat
16. Play mat/gym
17. Toys
18. Books.


1. Crib and mattress
2. Bedding
3. Wearable blankets (2 or 3)
4. Swaddling blankets (3)

VI. For safety and monitoring
1. Safety gates: If you have stairs, invest in safety gates for the top and bottom. You can also use a gate to block off areas of the house that might be perilous, such as the bathroom or your office. For more information, see our safety gate buying guide.
2. Outlet covers
3. Cupboard and drawer latches
4. Toilet seat locks
5. Baby monitors: These gadgets – which come with a transmitter and at least one receiver – allow you to keep tabs on your baby while you're in another room.
6.First-aid kit
7. Bulb syringe: Use with saline drops to clear your baby's stuffy nose.
8. Teething toys
9. Digital thermometer
10. Baby nail scissors or clippers
11. Baby-friendly laundry detergent
12. A soft-bristled baby brush

You may check the entire article that provide description for each:

Of course,nothing beats a mum that invest in quality of the baby necessities... I for one had tried many and only one had made me though mumhood with such ease and comfort. Try Cherub Baby products, I'll bet my name on the product.

Good Luck =)
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