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When did you start to slow down in pregnancy? Lock Rss

Hi everyone!

I'm about 26 weeks pregnant and I am finding that certain activities are really taking their toll on me. Things like going for a big walk with the dog, cleaning rampages etc. I have been becoming really stiff in the back and can hardly walk for the rest of the evening if I overdo it. However, after a sleep and a bath, I'm back to normal the next day. Does anyone have any advice about how and when to cut down on physical activities? How do you know if there is a problem (ie. with my back or hips) or if it's just normal pregnancy pains?

Any advice is very much appreciated smile
Hi De,

Listen to your body. Perhaps don't take the dog for such a long walk, or walk slower. Spread the cleaning over the week rather than all at once, etc. your body knows what you can handle. I kept active throughout my pregnancy, still went to the gym and was swimming everyday, but I changed the exercises, and the intensity. Your body lets you know when certain movements don't work anymore, and you just adapt around them. Don't push yourself and give yourself a break when you need it.
Hey im 35 weeks and still working a physical full time job as a manager got a puppy and just moved into my house that I built so im full on but everyone is so different and just dont push yourself as long as u kno your limits you should be fine it sounds like u get a good nights sleep which would probs help u out alot good luck xxx
I was probably about 26 weeks when I started to notice lots of discomfort and had to start taking it easy. I took the dog to the park up to going into labour but tended to stay in one spot or sit down toward the end. If I had to spend a long time in the kitchen for something I would rest frequently or do what I could sitting at the table. I was Short of breath and my feet and hips were tired/sore.
Just let your body tell you what it needs. If after doing something your tired and sore, rest up and take it easier next time. If after rest you're feeling better it's probably nothing to be concerned about. If you do have concerns, keep your midwife up to date.

im 21 weeks, iv already had to leave one job a few weeks go (my decision) as the fast pace of standing on ya feet running around a busy restaurant was getting too much, now im just happily cruising at a resthome. i get a little breathless doing basic things now, my walking has slowed a bit because i have an unstable pelvis/hips so theres often pain involved in walking etc, iv just forced myself to take my time, about 16 weeks, midwife was noticing i was reaching burn out with everything i was doing. after all im only little and cant take on the world

my advice is stop if you need to, listen to what your body is saying, it may help in the long run.

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