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Stretch mark oils/creams? Lock Rss

What works?? Whats good? smile fire them at me tongue
Bio Oil is good. When one of my kids had to have surgery the plastic surgeon recommended it. Aldi also has one and it was great but heaps cheaper. Did wonders for his scar.


I got no stretch marks during my pregnancy & I used a product called 'mother to be oil' from The herb farm. Here is a link:

My midwife also used this product when she was pregnant & didn't get stretch marks. Don't know if the product assisted us in not getting stretch marks or we were just lucky.

Hope this helps.

Hi, I used a cream called "stretched to the limit" which I was given during my first pregnancy, and had no stretch marks. Second pregnancy used nothing much at all, just an ordinary body lotion after showering sometimes. Also no stretch marks. Was I just lucky? Personally I think special oils and creams are bit of a gimmick and no different to ordinary body lotions, oils etc exept maybe check that any essential oils in them are pregnancy safe. The main thing is to use something that keeps the skin moisturised and supple on a regular basis, and something you enjoy using that smells pleasant. Olive oil from the kitchen probably does the job too!
I love the palmers stretch mark creme

Hi smile


I honestly think it all comes down to genetics and your body type but...

Try to keep your water intake up which will increase your skins natural elasticity!

Pop some natural coconut oil of your belly, hips, top half and lower back after you've washed in the shower. Leave it on for a minute or so while you're still in the shower then rinse off. Apply another small amount once you've dried off. I swear by this method & it's much cheaper (and more natural) than all the fad lotions and potions out there.

All the best smile
Cocoa butter body lotion from the body shop. Just make sure you get cocoa butter and not coconut
I am using lemon juice for my stretch marks. It is working for me.
If you're gonna get them you'll get them. The creams oils etc can help make your skin more comfortable but it wont stop the actual stretch marks. They are microscopic tears under the outer skin layer, from what I understand no creamsafe etc penetrate enough to help that. I a pregnancy safe oil on my belly when it gets itchy from stretching.
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