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Living with Inlaws Lock Rss

Sorry for the long post but this is eating away at me deeply.

My husband and I have been married for almost 2 months now, after our honeymoon we moved from living with his father to a new town & renting our own house. 2 months on and DH is still yet to find work in the new town so it looks like we may be moving back.

My issue is DH wants to move into his dad's house again, I'm due in 14 weeks and although I have lived there previously the plan was to get married, get our own place and have a child. But our finances are completely down since DH has not worked and rent/bond at the moment isn't an option with rent being well overpriced.

I'm not sure what to do it makes me depressed thinking of having a baby when I can't even have my own space, I never planned life this way and quite frankly I'm upset DH can't understand why I don't want to live there with a newborn.

Please tell me I'm not being unreasonable? What would you do in this situation?
It's not that I don't appreciate that he's happy to help out because I do I just feel so upset with loosing my personal space & having somewhere that is my home, I feel like I'm off to a horrible start as a mother because all I wanted is a home for the 3 of us & even that can't be done.

I'm not sure if it's pathetic or hormones today..
Just to put things in perspective....
Millions of families around the world live with multiple children and extended family simply because it is the only way to live, by sharing a home and resources and helping each other in the home. In Australia, having our own homes may be the norm, but it doesn't mean it's the only way to live.
We sold our house about 3 months before I was due with #2 and had already bought land. We decided to save on paying rent so we moved in with my In-laws. The building process took forever and we eventually moved out 3 months before my son turned 2, so we were there for 2 years!! We had our own private area out the back but with 2 kids it was so good to get into our own home at the end of it. It was handy having lots of help though, as a few of my BIL's still lived at home too, so I could just leave the kids while I popped out for a minute to grab some things. In the long run we would have saved a fortune on rent over that 2 years.

This is really great!

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I can understand you wanting your own space esp with bub arriving soon but I think you need to be sensible and realistic. If hubby isn't working, the best solution is to live with FIL so what $$ you do have you can ensure bub has everything he/she needs and when DH does get a job you can save and know you have money for emergencies before moving out.

My suggestion is to look at the positives, close support network, low costs etc
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