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Pregnant and we have a puppy! Help! Lock Rss

I am new to posting but I need to vent/get help as I think I am at my wits end! and I am hoping that some others might have also been in my situation or at least able to give some advice and understanding.
I am 30 weeks pregnant with baby #3. I have a 8 year old and a 6 year old and my husband works away every 2nd week, I also work part time. Everything was going great and we had a great routine going, I honestly couldn't have been more happier. Everyone is so excited about our new baby arriving. Then my husband bought the kids a lab x puppy. We've had her for 3 weeks now (she is 10 weeks old) and I can't take it anymore. I am tired, exhausted and sick of cleaning up dog poo and wee. I told my hubby that I wasn't keen on the idea from the get go and that I didn't think that the timing was right but he insisted everything would be fine and that the kids would help and that there would always be "never a good time". It was now or probably never.
We had talked about getting a puppy for a long time previously (neither one of us had ever owned a dog before), then this puppy came along. Hubby and kids were keen and the price was right.
I kept saying that once the novelty wore off with the kids than it would all fall back on me (like all our other pets). Well, the novelty is slowing wearing off and at 6am in the morning I find myself on my hands and knees cleaning up dog poo.
I am tired and emotional. I need to also spend time getting ready for the baby eg. purchasing a cot, change table, nappies etc. Everything is starting to feel overwhelming and I really want my old life back. I can handle a newborn but a newborn and a puppy! Help!!
Imagine if I returned the puppy? I would definitely be the bad person and the kids would be devastated. So this is not an option (although I have to be honest and say it has crossed my mind)
Does anyone have any advice? On how to cope, how to train a puppy in this situation. The pup is well looked after.
Please be nice if you feel like responding as I don't think that I would be able to handle someone being nasty or making nasty comments.
Puppy school then obedience training and involve the kids so they know how to train and can take more responsibility. Puppy school covers the basics and how to care for a puppy and obedience focuses on the big important things like returning, lead walking, stay etc. If you can't do classes then look online for a training guide or a book specific to labs or labs x (they can be food obsessed so training is specific to their traits) Key advice is start how you mean to go on. Investigate a crate too. I would probably also say to the family that you have enough on your plate so it's up to them.
* take puppy outside on a lead to the same spot each time for the toilet - give the same command each time I,e, toilet and do so regularly
* reward good behaviour with a treat, ignore unwanted behaviour
* leave. (Hold a treat in a closed fist and only give a treat when the puppy stops trying to get the treat from your hand)
* sit. Use a treat to guide the dog into a sitting position. Reward on sit.
* eye contact. Treat your dog when he makes eye contact after saying his name
* use a long lead and entice your dog into returning by calling him (sounding all positive and jolly). Treat on return.
These are some of the tips we picked up at training. It's all about consistency and rewarding good behaviou.
Good luck.

Thank you so much Shine*on. I really appreciate your reply! I will definitely try some of the techniques you suggested and I have looked into puppy schools in my area - just waiting to hear back regarding times and costs. My son and I tried the "sit" technique tonight and I really don't think she will take long to get the hang of that one actually, which made me smile (and believe me I needed to smile today!) and my son was right into it (bless him!). I took her for a walk around our yard on the lead this afternoon also and she did her business. Did the same thing tonight and it worked well too. I just have to get hubby and kids on board to follow through with the same techniques and we mightn't have such a challenge after all. We live on 1 acre of land so there is plenty of space to run and explore.
I'm not sure about the crate thing yet. Haven't looked into it as much, not sure if we can afford to buy a brand new crate as some of the ones on the net looked a bit pricey but maybe my husband might be able to build one or we might be able to get one second hand.
Anyway, all in all, not too bad for a first try for us beginners.
Thank you so much again for your advice and understanding - I really appreciate it. smile
Hi you poor thing, Puppies are hard work. We have raised two puppies and boy its not fun cleaning up after their accidents. I don't know what is worse a newborn baby or a puppy. We will find out when our baby is due haha. Our puppies are grown up now so at least we don't need to clean up their messes.. Well not inside anyway.
You are mentioning that you are cleaning his poo up at 6 am? Is this because he doesn't go outside because he is locked inside at night or? We use to lock ours in the laundry with a baby gate instead of actually "crate training" the laundry was their room. It worked the same. Could that work for you? Or if you are shutting him inside the house at night time perhaps shut him in the laundry (assuming you have a rear door in the laundry) and leave that door slightly open so he can go inside and out as he pleases. Is he toilet trained ?? I can feel your frustration as we have 2 big dogs and 2 cats that are a handful. I would like to get rid of the cats I cant imagine how my life would be tending to 2 cats through out the night as we have no cat door and a newborn too! but my partner isnt keen on the idea of giving them away..
My main questions are where does puppy sleep? is he toilet trained?
I had a similar problem when I was pregnant, I decided our outside dog could be an inside dog, I was home alone a lot and I couldn't hear her out in her kennel if she barked at night so I brought her inside, she was a bit older at around 18 months old. I soon got sick of cleaning up her mess, so I would let her outside everytime I needed to go to the loo afterwards I would take her outside and tell her to go to the toilet, it only took a few weeks and she would go on command. I would give her lots of praise when she did go, also cat treats work great for dog treats when training. sometimes I also wouldn't let her back inside with me until she went. she soon got sick of not being allowed back into the warmth so I think she would go just to shut me up. I taught my sisters pup the same thing in a day when she came to stay for the weekend a few months ago. also would take her out just before we went to bed and first thing in the morning. we also let her out for a run after she has eaten her tea to avoid accidents.
Wow that really is unfortunate timing, we have had dogs and i don't know if i would go back to the 'little puppy' stage because they are quite a handful.
Have you thought about getting a professional trainer to help? I'm not sure of an Australian equivalent but we got Bark Busters in where they come to your home and help with training in your own environment. I was amazed by how well it worked for us because we were struggling for months doing everything the books tell you blah, blah, blah and then the trainer came in and we were up and running.
Also if you have a particular issue like toilet training you would be amazed at the variety of methods people put up on YouTube to help. Everything from how to train them to only go in one area in the backyard so the kids don't run in it to how to get rid of the urine smell.
My biggest suggestion would be to enlist experts rather than forging on blindly by yourself because you don't need the extra stress.
Dogs are really just like kids and unfortunately a method that works for one may not work for another so it really is trial and error.

As a final note which will hopefully be an ace up your sleeve... You said you had a lab cross, my experience with labs is that they will do ANYTHING for food. Just a thought =D

Stay strong and happy. Best of luck.

Just a little update for whom-ever is interested...
I did as you suggested Pisces92 and baby gated the laundry. Worked a treat! Thanks for the tip!! Fast forward to now and she has decided, on her own accord to sleep outside, on the verandah at night (I think living in Qld that it's actually much cooler outside than being inside in the laundry/garage). She seems very happy with that and sleeps on her bed. It is such a relief for me as she takes herself to the toilet and I am no longer cleaning up messes. It's funny how things work out! I know that some people might not agree with her sleeping outside but it works for her and us. Everyone is happy so please don't judge! We've attended Puppy Preschool and they have given us plenty of tips. She has nearly completely mastered "sit" and "stay" which I am impressed with.
All in all everything is going well. I have to say, there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel! I want to say, thank you for all that responded for your kind words and tips/tricks. I really did take everything on board and appreciated the responses.
Life has somewhat returned to what it was only better as now we have a lovely new addition to the family - our dog!
Back to the baby waiting game for me...6 weeks to go and then we will have another addition.
There is never a dull moment around here!!! lol
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