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Not ttc (Mum of 2 after many losses and yrs ttc) but could I be pregnant again??? Lock Rss

I hope it's okay to post on this site when I know so many people are ttc their first. I've been there, brutal at times! We had years ttc and have had many losses prior to us being blessed with two miracles a girl and a boy 18 months apart. Needless to say life is very full on!

Hubby is adamant he doesnt want anymore children and we just recently got rid of the last of our baby things. We are using the (tmi sorry) withdrawal method and sometimes condoms for contraception. I don't mind this as I don't mind if there's an accident lol. This month we dtd several times during O. I've had so many pregnancy symptoms since then and have felt so nauseous. I've been pregnant a lot and have always known when I was very soon after o. I've tested yesterday and today (cd23&24, seems early but I o'd early) bfns.

I am sick with the flu so wondering if my symptoms could stem from that but looking back I seem to have had the flu at the start of every pregnanacy.

I'm feeling very odd and foggy (always my tell tale sign), funny with foods, vivid dreams, breathless and very nauseos, all of which don't usually start a week before af. This is driving my crazy! It's bringing me back to those years of ttc obsessing over this. Lol


Sorry about the essay wink
Yep if you think you are, you probably are.
I just found out I'm expecting again, I think I am only a few weeks pregnant, but I felt sooo tired yesterday it just didn't feel right, I did a test and yep pregnant.
I too seem to just know really early on.

That's fantastic congrats!!! What other symptoms have you had? When are you due? smile

I tested again this morning (cd25) BFN. It's weird because with all of my other pregnancies (successful and not) majority I had a faint line from 7-9dpo. So I thought based on how strong my symptoms were that I would have had something by now and I used to always have a 31 day cycle. Since my son I have a 26 day cycle like clock work. So either because I am sick it is throwing in my usual pregnancy symptoms or for some weird reason for the first time ever I wont get a BFP until my AF is due or after. WEIRD!
How did u get on, I know it's hard but I generally ignore all symptoms as they are so un predictable . I would def look at your contraception or talk to hubby if wanting more as a little Un fair if he's not expecting more . Will be a big shock.
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