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Need some advice on our new app Rss

Hey guys we just launched a new dating app that's like nothing else out there. It lets you read reviews of past dates to keep the weirdos away and specify exactly what kind of date you are looking for (how much you want to spend/be spent on you, what type of experience you're looking for, and lots more. We weed out losers, spammers, and all the other nuisances you come to expect on most dating apps. The result is a high quality match that's right for you.
Would love to get some feedback from everyone!

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Android -
Thanks for the good offer. Thanks to a Dating site, I found my husband and am now very happily married. By the way, recently walking on the Internet I saw an interesting Dating site I think a lot of single guys should be interested.
Hey Nad I was seeing how your dating app was going?

The reason I ask is because I run and we have been looking for a dating app to implement with our site.

Please just let me know if you are still up and running and how everything is going. Feel free to PM me if need, thanks!
Nad, I want to get some inspiration from you. We want to launch the dating application for really soon. You can contact me anytime you want to clarify the affiliate terms. We're looking forward to cooperate with you.
So, cool to read everyones story about how they met their significant other. I have a website where we talk about all topics regarding, relationships, parenting, love. Check it out if you guys want to learn more about these important elements at
You guys are ready to get some very important information. I am ready to tell you how you can get to know girls on the Internet. I'm sure you want to know. I use and I am happy to find my bride. They are ready to love you and love your body and soul. You can marry any girl
Before I met my husband, I often used dating sites like where I eventually met my husband during one of my dates with whom I now have a child smile
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