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HCG levels Rss

So a little about me.
I have pcos and dont ovulate on my own or get a period regularlly.
I took primolut n to induce period. CD1 18-11-16
Took 5 days of femara 2.5 mg
CD21 showed progestrone levels were 54 so i ovulated which is fantastic, but thats also consistent with first trimester.
9DPO i had abit of blood spotting and a negitive preg test that day.
10DPO a very very light positive
Tested through until 12DPO called my obgyn and she gave me forms for BETA hcg.
Did the BETA hcg test at 5.20pm 12DPO results came back at 19HCG.
Has anyone had their HCG level this low and gone on to have healthy pregnancies?
I was sent for another test today then one for thursday and one for monday to monitor and make sure it is doubling.
Hi. Well, HCG levels can vary. I'd love to know how your pregnancy went. I'm waiting for an update on this. One of my friends is going through the same situation. While I suggested she try surrogacy, she didn't agree. I had surrogacy a year ago. She kept TTC and had low HCG.
It can work for you. You never know. I'd say keep trying. Let's see what the end result is. I hope it will be positive. Even if it isn't, dont loose hope. I am sure there will be another way out. Baby dust to you hun.
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