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Pregnant? Scared? You have options!!! Lock Rss

Hey there,
We are a loving Christian family living in the beautiful Bay of Plenty and we would love to add to our family through adoption. My hubby and I are both teachers and so we share a love for educating and caring for children. We have been married for almost 7 years and have two children a girl who is 6 and a boy who is 3.5. We have always wanted to adopt even before we had our own children.
For more information please feel free to contact us via email [email protected]

Rosie smile
Good afternoon, Roanna_Morton! I want to tell you many good words. You are doing a very good job. I want everyone to know about this and write in an open post. Adoption benefits everyone who affects it. . Almost all parents who adopted children describe their experience of adoption as better than ever expected, and one of the best decisions of their lives. Accepted parents, because of the child's work, continue to maintain a healthy, loving relationship.
Adopted children also enrich the experience of their families. More than 90 percent of adopted children aged 5 years and older have positive feelings about their adoption. For you, as a future parent, it's normal for you to worry about how your child will cope when he or she grows older and begins to understand the reality of adoption. You may not want your child to be angry with you, hurt by the situation or feel lonely. This is a fact in recent years. Many children have peers who are also accepted. Adoption is no longer a secret, and children grow up knowing about their parents and answering their questions. In fact, many children today know that they are being accepted, and the vast majority of adoptions are now open. Your child will be grateful for the opportunities you provided, opportunities that at some point you could not afford. Because you love taking care of children - for some people caring for children in their blood. This is something that is so deeply rooted in you, they accept simply for the love of a good life for the child (or many children). I wish you good luck in your good deeds. May the Lord help you in the upbringing of your adopted children. Happiness and health.
Ah, how beautiful is that. I'm glad you're doing this. Not many people are able to adopt a child. Not many would. It's good that you are. There are so many children who deserve all the love they never get. When I was declared infertile, I gave it a thought. My husband suggested that we adopt. But I realized that I wasn't strong enough for that. I couldn't adopt a child. I couldn't find the courage to do it. I was way too scared. I was scared that I might in some way not give them the love they deserve. You're very brave for doing this. I instead went for surrogacy.
That is very noble of you. It shows how caring you are. Your children are very lucky. The new one will be lucky too. I hope you get your baby soon.Most people are scared of adoption. They think they might not be just with them. Especially a case like you. When there are already children involved. They might be right at their place.I am sure you will be fair to all. You are so educated. There is no need to worry hence. Well, let's wish everything gets sorted soon. Keep us updated though. Loads of wishes from my side XOXO.
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