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Itchy while pregnant Lock Rss

Hi everyone, im 27 weeks pregnant been extremely itchy since i was 23 weeks . I've been doing blood work ever since as I have a history of cholastasis.Im going crazy from itching, no sleep , phernegan doesnt help me. I know i have cholastasis i know the symtoms however all test coming back normal! I cant help but think there a mistake or test may be diluted. Help anyone i need urso and they wont prescribe till bile acids are elevated

I think you need to find a doctor who will take time to listen to your concerns.

Firstly phenergan is a category C medication meaning it should not be used in pregnancy. Unless a doctor has advised you to take it I personally would stop until I spoke to a doctor.

Also many people get itchy in pregnancy without colestasis. Some go on to develop it and some don't. I get really itchy but never have liver trouble. My GP said it's just stretching skin and hormonal changes.

Finally I'd just be careful asking for advice on obtaining prescriptions. This forum can attract lots of people pretending to be pregnant women but are actually people advertising online pharmaceutical companies (which could be selling you toilet cleaner for all you know).

Good luck. Itchy skin is terrible! Oatmeal wash in the bath can reduce itching. As can avoiding long hot showers and avoiding soaps. Hope that helps
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