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Hello. It's been 14 months since I've had my daughter I have had my period every month since then on the 17th I have not had one this month but the week I was supposed to get it I had some pinkish red and brown discharge. I've taken 10 differnt pregnancy tests and all negitive. N for the last couple days around 9pm I feel sick. I don't know if I am pregnant or not need advise please. I also have been a little more wetter down there than usually. Went to doctors they did a urine test and it was negitive but she also asked if I normally have white discharge I don't believe I have ever.Edit
I get that also and my bub is 9 months now iv had normal periods then skipped one the next one was spotty and different colour andthen skipped another one and my recent one lasted 2 weeks the first week it was really heavy and then had a couple of clots and then it just spotted for the next week i have been feelong sick and havent been able to eat aswell i got the hormone changes needing to wee more getting moody and every thingiv taken test but they all come back negative it so odd
Hi, luv. I guess all those things can change in the course of maternal age. Periods we are used to have at our 20s are not usually the same as we might have them at 40s. This is all just about the nature. I really don't think you could be prego. as all the tests you've done were bfns. The urine test showed negative as well. As for the intensity of periods I do face this myself. Changingevery other month from light bleeding to heavy bleeding. Some month I can just have it like pinkish spots. Other month like brownish. Those are never stable though!! So I wouldn't count on much on those ''symptoms''. As for the white discharge you're having - could this possibly be some infection?? Have you considered this variant?? There's no aim to make you upset or terrified. But, you know there are lots of infections which can reach you through unsterile hands etc..I'm sorry to say this but I'd definitely have this checked. I hope things got to their places since your last worries. Take good care and all the best.
Pregnancy signs vary from one person to another. Sometimes, it’s hard to accurately pinpoint whether you’re pregnant or not, especially if you have missed period clear discharge negative pregnancy test. Moreover, these signs could also mean other things. Late periods happen for a variety of reasons. For couples trying to get pregnant, a missed period is a signal of a possible pregnancy. However, when you try to take a pregnancy test, it turns out negative. Your confusion could get more confounded, and you try to figure out what are the other reasons that could render a negative result.
The embryo must implant into the endometrial wall of the uterus before you are sure you’re pregnant. Implantation happens between 6 and 12 days after fertilization. By this time, you may start to experience some early pregnancy symptoms – a missed period, abdominal cramping, mild spotting, sore breasts, and even a white vaginal discharge.
To confirm your pregnancy, especially when you have a negative pregnancy test result, you need to visit your doctor for further evaluation. The doctor may request a blood test for hCG or an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. If you’re indeed pregnant, congratulations!
PS: Have a look onto It's awesome for the smallest details. Good luck.
Chance of conceiving always remains just a chance! Not guarantee! There are so many factors which could effect the outcome. Biotex does well treating the toughest cases. And if it's a failure - they investigate the reasons and make improvements to the treatments plans, so that a couple could achieve their aim. It's worth saying - let's give it another try than blame and hate people who're trying to help you. Wise people make their choices themselves.?
We experienced the best thing we could. We were given our beautiful baby through de ivf. But the way was not always that easy. We went through 16 mon with multiple miscarriages and one ectopic. Issues got worse so natural conceiving was quick out of the question. We seeked for help in Greece. Passed two ivf shots there, but failed. Afterall, found ourselves in Ukraine applying for DE.
Women over 40, more now use donated eggs than their own when using medical assistance to get pregnant.  What’s happening at the moment is that more and more women are delaying motherhood until later in their lives. But the fact is that as you get older the quality of your eggs diminishes. Using donated eggs from a younger woman pushes the success rate right up for older women. It can be the difference between 3 or 4% using their own eggs, right up to as high as a 60% success rate using donated eggs. The thing is that the womb doesn’t age in the way eggs do. So a woman can carry a child at almost any age.  I have also appreciated what egg donors/surrogates are doing for us. Seems they allow themselves the pleasure of feeling good about having made such an extraordinary difference to the lives of strangers... I know a woman who've shared her eggs once. She told when she was at the clinic in the waiting room and saw couples there waiting for their appointment, and could see how hard it all was for them. At the end of the day, the bit she did was the easy part..
Hi luv. My story completely differs. I was a youngie of 36 when faced IVF. And I've got only one ovary along with POF. Dr told us my amh level was/is quite low - 4 only. I already had a 2,7 yo kid conceived naturally. (Which makes things even more strange!) We've already tried taking supplements, acupuncture and some life changes. (I mean getting enough sleep, active rest, no the tiniest amount of alcohol, no cigarettes - nothing of this kind). But actually this made no changes to conceiving with #2. I can't find the right words for this, but it really bothered/bothers me, because our #1 was conceived unexpectedly easily and fast. And with #2 we've got these troubles..I was devastated and felt guilty for the myself with the issues. I've never thought I'd face this on day, really, lads. On the whole this is our 19th month of unsuccessful ttc leading us to egg donation route. ( As dr sees no point in using own egg at all). Well we all know about the benefits of using donor eggs with ivf. But in practice this procedure seems not that easy. And for the most part from emotional part. This usually takes time to get there. (You have to use another woman's eggs and there is nothing to do about it - would seem clear and easy. But NEVER is! I'm so tired of imagining my dh involved with a woman in making OUR baby!! Oh, gosh, that's so madly tough!!) One thing is for sure, It took us, me actually months to accept the idea of egg donation. Moreover we decided to take this route with overseas biotexcom clinic which has high success rates (And more affordable prices than at home). My dh is a rock of support for me and I'm very thankful for this. I'm trying to browse the internet forums in order to find ladies with similar stroies for mutual support. Though that's not that easy. There are many strange people on boards wishing you not the best I'm afraid. Other ones are just superb to talk to and share worries. 
It could all be due to the previous pregnancy. Sometimes it takes some time to adjust the periods. Your hormones are going back to normal. So due to that, there is this discharge. I am glad you visited the doctor. There is nothing to worry out. I am sure things will be back to normal soon. Sending prayers your way.
Hey, I can't really say anything on the limited information provided. However, one thing is for sure that you should visit a doctor. He will do your blood test and let you know. Therefore, dont waste your time and get yourself some help. Good luck to you. I hope things get better for you. Just dont lose hope. Hoping for the best.
Hey, honey. That's weird, truly. You're probably not pregnant. It could be symptoms of something else. What did your doctor say about that? Are you having any sort of discomfort? Hope you get your normal period soon. Good luck to you.
Chance of conceiving always remains just a chance! Not guarantee! There are so many factors that could affect the outcome. World Center Of Baby does well in treating the toughest cases. And if it's a failure - they investigate the reasons and make improvements to the treatment plans, so that a couple could achieve their aim. It's worth saying - let's give it another try than blame and hate people who're trying to help you. Wise people make their choices themselves

Best wishes, World Center of Baby

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