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needing help Lock Rss

Hello. It's been 14 months since I've had my daughter I have had my period every month since then on the 17th I have not had one this month but the week I was supposed to get it I had some pinkish red and brown discharge. I've taken 10 differnt pregnancy tests and all negitive. N for the last couple days around 9pm I feel sick. I don't know if I am pregnant or not need advise please. I also have been a little more wetter down there than usually. Went to doctors they did a urine test and it was negitive but she also asked if I normally have white discharge I don't believe I have ever.Edit
I get that also and my bub is 9 months now iv had normal periods then skipped one the next one was spotty and different colour andthen skipped another one and my recent one lasted 2 weeks the first week it was really heavy and then had a couple of clots and then it just spotted for the next week i have been feelong sick and havent been able to eat aswell i got the hormone changes needing to wee more getting moody and every thingiv taken test but they all come back negative it so odd
It could all be due to the previous pregnancy. Sometimes it takes some time to adjust the periods. Your hormones are going back to normal. So due to that, there is this discharge. I am glad you visited the doctor. There is nothing to worry out. I am sure things will be back to normal soon. Sending prayers your way.
Hey, I can't really say anything on the limited information provided. However, one thing is for sure that you should visit a doctor. He will do your blood test and let you know. Therefore, dont waste your time and get yourself some help. Good luck to you. I hope things get better for you. Just dont lose hope. Hoping for the best.
Hey, honey. That's weird, truly. You're probably not pregnant. It could be symptoms of something else. What did your doctor say about that? Are you having any sort of discomfort? Hope you get your normal period soon. Good luck to you.
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