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hi every body! Rss

i a new member. Look forward to your help
Thank you all!
Hi! smile
Hoping everything turned out the best for you since you wrote this post, dear. A healthy egg and healthy sperm is vital in the whole process. That is why I'm posting this here. These are the tips which help to improve our egg quality~ Get at least 8, 8oz. glasses of pure water every day. Dehydration can cause your blood to become thick and decrease circulation in the body, as well as many other issues. Make sure to drink purified water that is NOT bottled in plastic. An easy way to get a head start every morning, is to put a quart of water next to your bed when you go to sleep. You can then drink a quart of water upon rising and you are half way done with your water intake for the day.
Exercise. Find something to do that includes movement, such as tennis, walking, running, dancing, or fertility yoga. Exercise increases the blood flow in the body, brings fresh blood to all of the cells and helps to oxygenate the blood. Get Abdominal or Fertility Massage. One of the best therapies for increasing blood flow to the reproductive system is by massaging your uterus and ovaries. Massage helps to bring fresh, oxygenated blood to the ovaries and removes old stagnant blood. You can have a massage therapist perform abdomen massage or find a therapist who specializes in fertility or Maya abdominal massage. Top foods for egg health: royal jelly, maca, fertiligreens, broccoli, berries, dark leafy veggies, halibut, salmon, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, turmeric, ginger. Use supplements, your dr will advise.
Be attentive to yourself!! Years of TTC didn't bring us success too. Well, we did make some silly decisions and tried IUI and ICSI. But these procedures turned to be helpless for us (later we got to know about the reason). We got to know about our clinic on International patient coordinator. They offered free consultations so we made them a go. This way we travelled to Ukraine where passed ivf with donor eggs. We are parents now and this all seems to be the thing from the past but we will come back there again definitely as we want more children.
I'm wishing you the best!
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