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Telling best friend am pregnant Lock Rss

I am 6 weeks pregnant and a few days after finding out, told my best friend in private who I have known my whole life the news, I wanted to be as sensitive as possible and consider her feelings as she is starting IVF very soon, my husband and I decided to tell her and her husband straight away instead of waiting until they were either right in the middle of IVF or just finished it. We also would have told them straight away regardless if they were going through it or not. We also decided when trying to conceive for a start that we would keep it to ourselves and private between the two of us, in case it took awhile or we weren’t able to, though I also thought that after a wee awhile I would tell my best friend so that she knew and then that way the news of a pregnancy would not be such a surprise out of the blue, however it happened really fast for us which we knew could happen but were not really expecting it to happen so quickly. I already felt guilty about how to tell them that it happened so quick for us and when I told her I’m pregnant she was upset and a bit angry that I hadn’t mentioned we were ttc, and didn’t think that kids anytime soon were on my radar. She did say she was happy for me but that is was just a shock. I feel like a terrible friend especially with what she is going through and that I wasn’t that open about when we were thinking about children, as although we are close I am just not as open and very good at sharing things as she is and husband and I also decided to keep it private for a start. I also tried being sensitive and letting her know I am always here for her for support with what she has coming up (as have been showing my support and always will) however she implied she doesn’t really want my support now and wants to keep our situations separate. I understand she is hurting and this was probably the worst timing with what they are going through, however I didn’t want to wait to tell them either or keep it from her. I really want it to work out for them and care about her so much. I understand she is feeling hurt and will need space which I will give her I still want to check in with her and let her know I’m here and see how she is. I did say before we said bye that I will be here for her when she wants to talk.
Has anyone else kept it completely private especially for a start that they were ttc? Or has had a similar experience? I think I really just wanted to put it out there on here as although husband and I are so happy I am feeling so bad.
Me and my partner didnt tell any one we were trying, its a bit of a personal thing you cant really get in trouble for not telling some one it would be a different story if you didnt tell them you were prgnant i think your friend is over reacting a bit there is some stuff you and your partner are aloud to keep between just use you dont have to tell the world he we are trying to have a baby some people get affended when you do because they dont want to know about your sex life, you have done nothing wrong your friend is probs just upset because your having a baby and she cant concive maybe get her more involved with your pregnacy
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