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I could not even imagine myself for not being a mother. I always wanted one large family like my mother has. It is not so easy to feel like the way I was feeling. I really figured out hard to getting pregnant in life.
I bought some of the agencies and I have been trying really hard to get pregnant. I read several stories of infertility and I have been trying figuring out on the internet. It was so inspiring that some woman made it and I believe I can do that too.
Anyone can help me here?
Hey there Melisa! I hope you're doing good. I deeply empathize with you, dear. I know you're through a tough time. It is very difficult to accept that you won't be able to give birth. Is your infertility unexplained? Why don't you think about IVF or surrogacy? These modern methods are trying to make our lives easier. Both are very trendy nowadays. IVF is a process in which the egg and sperm are fertilized outside the body and then they are injected into your uterus. After this, it is the same as natural pregnancy. It really helps a lot of women getting pregnant. Surrogacy is a process where the surrogate mother carries your baby in her womb. Both the methods are equally convenient. I hope you make a wise choice. Good Luck!
Hey! hope you are doing good. It is very difficult to believe that we cannot conceive babies. I have been through such hard time. I started looking for other ways when I came to know about infertility. We had options like surrogacy and IVF. I was not in favour because it is a bit hard and not so successful. I chose surrogacy on my husbands choice. We went to a clinic and we found our surrogate there. She gave birth to healthy baby. We are happy parents now. We have our baby and belongs to us genetically. Hope this would really help you.
Assisted conception is for everyone. You just have to be brave enough to take a decision. The procedure to follow is that first of all you get your check up done. They explain to you the picture. Then, based on that, they suggest what's best for you. There are many methods, and there are many solutions to these problems. I hope this helps you out.
I'm sorry to hear about your situation. You shouldn't give up hope. Yes, you can go for that method too! There are many methods. You've got IVF and IUIs, and surrogacy is also an option. However, you can do your research regarding these methods, but only a fertility clinic can help you make a solid decision. Good luck to you.
I just turned 37 and I live with my husband of almost 2 years and our jack russell / cattle dog mix Dex! As soon as we got married, I stopped taking birth control hoping for a soon little one. We decided that we would actively start ttc. We didn't think it would happen quick, but after a few months if special diets, lubes, positions, and tracking we were at a loss. We went to a fertility Dr and she told us that we would not be able to conceive naturally and IVF/ICSI would be best for us. I've been taking my birth control pills for a little over 3 weeks. and have had some pretty dramatic mood swings and weight gain (That I didn't have before when I was on them.) Last week I had my period and it was so painful. Not uncomfortable.. painful. I am scheduled to start treatments in July. Mostly I joined up here because I feel lonely. I don't know anyone that has gone through this. We haven't told our family or friends either. I would really love to swap stories with someone. Or just know that I'm not alone. Because lately it feels like I am..
Cathymccartney098 wrote:
This way you will forever be in doubt. I think you should go see a proper doctor about this. Get some fertility tests done if you have to. You will know what the problem is. I hope it's not something serious and easily fixable. Don't lose hope. Things will work out I'm sure.

Found it informative ## Sometimes the ovary does not ovulate and the follicle cyst persists. It will continue to enlarge and can become as big as a baseball. Eventually it will break and the woman may not even be aware that this has happened. The period may be delayed because there is no progesterone phase of the cycle to respond to. The corpus luteum can also become cystic. If these cysts are detected during an examination the woman will be told that she has a cyst. Usually this will cause considerable consternation. Now everybody is upset. Could the cyst be a cancer? Will an operation have to be done? How are these questions to be answered?
If a sonogram shows this to be a simple cyst without any internal structure. If it is only on one side.
If it is less than 4-5 inches in diameter. If it occurs in an ovulating woman or an early pregnant woman.
If there are no associated findings such as nodules or fluid in the pelvis. If there are no major symptoms of pain. Then wait!
Schedule a reexamination for 4 weeks. If it is gone or getting smaller then it was a functional cyst: either a follicle cyst or a corpus luteum cyst. Nothing more needs to be done. If it persists then a diagnosis must be arrived at surgically.
This is good the clinic team takes time to explain all sort of things. It's always interesting to listen to Dr Mozgovaya. I happened to ask for my sis as well as for friends. - She'd been always useful. Love the Bio tex medical team. GL!
If you have been trying for a very long time then its time to consider the next step. Technology has drastically improved! Therefore, there are many options through which you can get help. I myself have opted for a process. So far everything is going great. All the credit goes to the clinic I am visiting. The people and the staff are making sure that the process is a success. When I first visited the clinic I was so impressed to find out that there so many other foreigners who were visiting the clinic. I could see a lot of couples from various different countries. When I met the doctor I was even more impressed! Their knowledge of the subject matter was commendable. Therefore, my suggestion to you would be to not lose hope. If you need to ask anything else do let me know. Sending baby dust your way. Do keep us updated.
Your posts are always full of information. I really enjoy reading them. I think it is very important to get yourself updated with all of these things. Infertility is not an easy road! However, not giving hope should always be the goal. This is the belief I always had in my mind. One of the reasons why things are finally going well. Hoping for the best now.
Stop procrastinating, then! Infertility treatments are for everyone. They are very effective, as well. You should get an appointment with a fertility clinic. I can help you with that. They will suggest you the best method, suited to your issue. Good luck to you. I hope this helps you.
This way you will forever be in doubt. I think you should go see a proper doctor about this. Get some fertility tests done if you have to. You will know what the problem is. I hope it's not something serious and easily fixable. Don't lose hope. Things will work out I'm sure.
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