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From the time we both decided on trying other options, we knew we would go internationally. We google searched a lot, registered on fertility forums and asked other couples' opinion. Our research brought us to two several options. Ukraine was among those. This country has the best surrogacy conditions (in case we've failed with IVF) and guarantees for intended parents. At first we thought to contact an intermediary agency. We thought we would be more protected if we proceed with the agency. We contacted a few. What we found is that they take big fees for their service. I asked my forum friends how safe it is to deal directly with fertility clinic, omitting all mediators. Those who dealt with clinic directly told us that it saves a lot of money and even time. Because you can speak directly with clinic’s manager and make appointments when it’s comfy for you. Also, even before you travel for the first time, you can ask manager all questions you have. And the money aspect -- You pay the price established by the clinic, no overcharging. I'm sure everyone has his own reasons opting for particulary their help.
Hey. How are you doing? Sorry to hear about your struggles. Yes, this could be due to secondary infertility. You should talk to your doctor. It would be great if you can find out what is causing all this. This would help you find a better solution for this. You could TTC with some medication. That might work for you. If that doesn't work, do not worry. there are other ways to have a baby too. You can consider that for yourself. But I'm sure it won't get to that. Hopefully, medication might work. Good luck TTC. Hope you conceive soon.
As I've mentioned before, we used donor egg with ivf to conceive. Becoming pregnant with a donor egg is neither easy nor cheap. It involves buying the eggs of a younger woman, creating embryos with sperm (either a partner’s or donor sperm) through in vitro fertilization (IVF), and then implanting them in the uterus. (The entire process in our home area can cost upward of $40k!! So that's why we moved overseas to bio texcom, ukraine for treatments. Purely for financial matter first.) For women who face conditions such as premature ovarian failure, a history of failed IVF, low ovarian reserve, or the possibility of passing on genetic diseases, this can be a great option if you don’t want to give up the dream of carrying a child. Why do women put themselves through this financial, emotional, and physical stress to have a child biologically, even when that child won’t be related to them genetically? The decision is intensely personal, and the answer differs depending on whom you talk to. Some women do it because they can’t produce children themselves but want to have a child who is genetically related to their husband. Some women want the experience of being pregnant, giving birth, and breastfeeding. For many women, these are vital bonding experiences. And buying a donor egg, like choosing a sperm donor, allows women and couples some control over their child’s genetic background.
AshleyH wrote:
Hi, honey, this is secondary infertility. It is very common. Don't worry, there is a way out. Many women have this problem. The solution is assisted conception. There are medication also but they don't guarantee success. Why waste money on them?

Hi there. Women on birth control pills should not develop functional cysts. The function of the pill is to suppress ovulation. (Although as my doc explained, some women ovulate on their pills. Premenarchal and postmenopausal women should not develop functional cysts. Women in these groups with a cyst as well as those with a complex or a solid cyst will have to be evaluated surgically. This is the only way to make sure that the cyst is or is not a cancer. A Ca-125 test is of no value. It can be elevated for a variety of reasons and a normal value is meaningless. A surgical evaluation must be done. Most of the "cysts" will be shown surgically to be things other than cancers. What I know for sure, is that all sides of the process are tested extremelly well at Bio tex. And if they don't get the desired results, they will definitely retest you. They will make you wait the needed terms to see the best how complicated the situation with you might be. In my opinion it's good, because they take you and your case seriously. They're doing things correctly not to get mistaken. Just a good reputableplace to be in.
Hey there. I was once partly in your situation.Years ago I survived a miscarriage, then another one. After it we began looking for the reasons causing those terrible things happening to us. After all we got to know about my endometriosis and pcos. No male fertility issue, thanks to God. Mine were just enough. After some time we got terrific stress when the surgery didn't work out. Moreover it was unsuccessful and brought some harm. my eggs didn't seem mature enough to be fertilized...With all these matters we came to fertility center where were told the only option for us was ivf using donor's eggs. Fortunately we were blessed to achieve pregnancy at the clinic. It created the greatest miracle to both of us. I just need to say that every day is precious when you're struggling. And from my own experience you must not trust every specialist's word or guarantee for the successful surgery (as in my case). Take every day to find the way out. As once you've started your journey, the time really flies. Wish you good luck x
It's definitely secondary infertility. It is quite common amongst couples these days. I would suggest that you visit a clinic. The doctor would really be able to help you out. They would do your initial tests to see if the hormones are normal or not. For the treatment make sure you visit the right doctor. By right I mean they should be professionals and operating at a high success rate. Good luck to you.
Oh wow. You have a lot of information on this. Thank you for sharing. I think it is very important to ask the right question at the right time. When I was at the very early stage of TTC. I honestly didnt even know what to do if things didn't work for us. I had to learn everything. My first visit to my OB was a very awkward one. However, by the time I visited the RE things got a lot better. I got an idea as to how I was supposed to hold a conversation. However, this clinic answers all my questions even if I don't ask them. They do have a general idea of us and therefore, deal with us accordingly, which is very nice. I am very satisfied with them. Good luck to all. I hope things work for all.
Conventional IVF treatment usually costs about 15,000-20,000 per cycle depending on a clinic/country. (We were lucky to have those sums much reduced in Ukraine!) And the success rate depends on so many factors. The older the woman is, the lower the pregnancy rate per cycle. Therefore, she may need more than one cycle to get pregnant. So, it is very important to choose a centre with a laboratory that maintains high international standards. This all is overwhelming. Couples can get “lost” in their pursuit of conceiving a child. They undergo various fertility tests, and sometimes, repeated tests with different fertility experts. This long journey of fertility assessments takes a toll on couples. We not only suffer emotional stress, but our pockets are also drained. Such informative videos and tutorials are very important as they help to get more insight into the ivf process.?
A year ago I was biotex patient. I'm pretty happy with everything that has gone on in my tainted reproductive experience. I had a lot of procedures done on a high level. My doctors had always treated me as an person and never as a "cycle"!! Never had I had to wait. When I was ready they were ready. They were also usually open about each cycle phase detailed. I'm sure you've made the right choice!
Andie.Berg wrote:
It's definitely secondary infertility. It is quite common amongst couples these days. I would suggest that you visit a clinic. The doctor would really be able to help you out. They would do your initial tests to see if the hormones are normal or not. For the treatment make sure you visit the right doctor. By right I mean they should be professionals and operating at a high success rate. Good luck to you.

your fertility expert will want you to pass LOADS of tests to evaluate your fertility. If not then at the first appointment the doctor reviews your medical history; assesses your general health; arranges initial tests and investigations for you and your partner. You should bring a doctor’s referral from a GP (valid for 12 months) or specialist gynaecologist or obstetrician (valid for 3 months). Depending on the level of testing already performed, the fertility specialist may order further pathology tests. For men, a blood test for hepatitis B and C, HIV and semen analysis are all routinely conducted. Pre-pregnancy screening for some genetic conditions such as cystic fibrosis is available too. Other diagnostic tests may include some or all of the following:
Rubella immunity (German measles), Chicken pox, Hepatitis B and C, HIV, Full blood count, checking your blood group, thyroid status and Current pap smear (within last 2 years). Vaginal ultrasound to check for fibroids, polyps, ovarian cysts, and to act as a ‘baseline’ for reference during your treatment.
Tests for men usually include: HIV, Hepatitis B and C. Semen analysis to check for antibodies and any possible infection. Once they have the results of these tests, the fertility specialist will meet with you again to explain in detail your recommended treatment plan.
This is easy to judge when you have never faced infertility issues preventing you from successful conceiving. It's also hard to endure on behalf of a partner/dh who can't help his girlfried/wife but see her suffer emotionally and physically. I'm not sure you make head or tail of what I'm trying to say. I have a son from de ivf and will never let anyone call her 'bio-robot' or 'robotic slave'. Noone can do this! Moreover, we'll be always thankful to biotex, its amazing staff and our kind donor. All they helped us to battle infertility. They helped us to start a family in mature years when getting pregnant on my own was no longer an option. And so many more..
We headed off for treatment to Ukraine mainly for affordable prices at first. (We've paid out of pocket on previous procedures) It was great luck to get to know biotex offers guaranteed programs. This is the kind of assurance at least of getting refund in case one fails. This is one of their strong sides. One makes his own decision. Noone influences it. Doing thorough research is a cornerstone here.
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