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Loss Lock Rss

I am feeling really really lost. I think I am never going to overcome this loss. I recently lost my kid during birth. I actually got late after my water broke. I was faint. My Husband was at his job. Luckily he came back home after 1 hour of my faintness and picked me up and went recently to hospital but my child was born dead. It was my first child. I feel like I killed him. It was a boy. I am so devastated. I have nothing now. I was at good diet. I don't know how this is happened. I am so much worried. At least someone please tell me how the hell this happened ?? what are reasons for this?? This happened to someone else ever!!!???
Hey there. I hope that you're doing good. I'm really really sorry for your such a great loss. I'm glad that you came to this platform to express your feelings. You've went through such a great pain. But I've seen such cases before. Didn't you know your dd? Or time? Or anything? If it was sudden then it could be due to hormonal imbalances. Hormonal imbalances can cause very harmful effects on the developing fetus. As well as the well-developed baby. I know that it is really difficult to get over this loss. But you have to be strong. You should hold on to hope. Otherwise, things will get worse for you. Try indulging yourself in some other activities. Like did your favorite work. And spending time, doing your hobbies. Whatever happens, happens for a good natural reason. So relax. And it will be fine at the end. I hope that you got my point. Take care of yourself. Much love.
I am really sorry for you. Facing this kind of problem in life is very difficult. I have done many abortions in my life and i know the feel. I can feel your situation. Just stay strong, your body need extra care. And your husband should support you in this matter. You should start thinking about having a baby. Because you can recover from the situation after having a baby in you life. Just have a baby in your life. Every thing will be fine. You can have a baby with surrogacy process. This is the best way you can have a baby in your life in this situation. I wish you best of luck to have a baby in your life.
Grab on to hope my friend. I understand that it is a great loss. But it was not your fault. Maybe it was a sudden hormonal thing. You fainted. I don't think there is much you could have done. The cause may be prolonged labor due to the delay. But that is just a guess. Don't beat yourself up. It is not your fault, I repeat. What you need to do is be careful the next time around. Have your dd written somewhere for you? Get a room pre-booked just in case, or at least inform the hospital that you're nearing dd. Also, if this happened somewhere not around your dd, you may wanna have helped all the time. Especially in the last trimester. I hope the best for you.
Pheeobe dear I am really sorry to hear about your loss. It is really shocking to lose your child right at the final stage. A treasure that you protected for nine months is lost in just a nick of an hour. I think you should come to terms with the loss now. It is recommended to get checked by a good gynaecologists. Mostly this happens because of the hormonal disturbances and the physical weaknesses. Don't ignore and delay your check up further. Wish you all the best.
Pheobe sometimes things get out of hand and we literally can't do anything. I am extremely sorry to hear what happened I am sure this must be the most difficult time for you. However, don't lose hope and think positive. We all are in the cycle of hope and that is what we have in our hands. Getting out of the loss will be very difficult but you should start thinking about the future. Visit your doctor and ask them for help. There is a long life ahead and many more chances so don't lose hope and just keep fighting. If you think your body cant take it any more than try opting for another method as you're producing fertile eggs.
Hello everyone.I am sorry that you are facing the horrible loss of life.I am saying it horrible because I never ever have this kind of situation in my life.I think there was nothing to cope this heartbreaking condition.I am feeling so sad after reading this post.As you said you have to lose your child during delivery.It's so difficult to have the baby nine months in your womb and the time come to welcome, you have to lose.Dear, I knew you are so attaching to this baby.But try to think positive.Maybe there was any problem or have you facing in future.Stay strong.I hope you will get success soon.Keep your thoughts high and positive.I wish you have the beautiful little angel in future.Good luck.
Don't worry. This happens to many of us now there is nothing in it left so get some strength and get over it.
I think i should also share my experience about surrogacy for someone seeking for it.
I was infertile due to cancer and i was unable to have a baby.
Later we found about surrogacy.We moved from Japan to Europe for surrogacy.
With the help of internet in Europe we came to know about BioTexCom.
We than moved to Ukraine.We finally went through surrogacy.Soon we will have to beautiful daughters via Surrogacy.
Surrogacy is very good you people should also research about it i guess.
Hey there. I hope you are doing great. I am really sorry about your mc. Accidents happen but they don't repeat themselves. Don't blame your self. Be positive in everything will be great. Good luck.
This is so sad. I am so sorry, dear. I know it's really hard for you. But it's destiny. You have to accept it. I know it isn't easy. You must have gone through so much pain. But ups and downs are a part of life. And we don't have control over them. You have to be patient. Keep your hopes high. Because you'll surely conceive again. It's not like you killed your baby. Of course, it is not your fault at all. This baby wasn't just supposed to be in your life. So he went. Just like that. Everything happens for a reason. We can't just question everything. Accept the things as they are. Stay strong and try again. Good luck to you!
I empathize with you on your loss. I am really sorry to know. This is so much to take. Losing a baby is never easy. It breaks you completely. It shatters you and leaves you empty. I am so sorry.
I can understand how much difficult it must be for you. But you have to gather up all your courage and fight it. You will have your own babies. Just hang in there. Don't lose hope. Everything is gonna be perfect. Stay calm and relaxed. I will definitely pray for you. Sending lots of luck and wishes to you. Baby dust on your way.
Hi everyone.I am sad that you are confronting the loathsome loss of life.I am stating it awful on the grounds that I never at any point have this sort of circumstance in my life.I think there was nothing to adapt this awful condition.I am feeling so pitiful in the wake of perusing this post.As you said you need to lose your kid amid delivery.It's so hard to have the infant nine months in your womb and the time come to welcome, you need to lose.Dear, I knew you are so appending to this baby.But endeavour to think positive.Maybe there was an issue or make them look in future.Stay strong.I trust you will get achievement soon.Keep your musings high and positive.I wish you have the delightful little holy messenger in future.Good good fortune
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