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Hey there. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really sorry to hear about your accident. I know it must have been really hard. I have been through this before too. I was in a car accident. I could have done nothing. It's better that we don't blame ourselves. It bests to not lose hope we should always try again. Accidents happen but they don't repeat themselves. I wish you good luck. I hope it works out. Take care.
It is such a great loss. It is hard to overcome. To lose an unborn baby is never easy. I hope you will get through it. It would be painful but you have to relax. I have faced miscarriages so I can understand your pain. I lost 3 babies of mine. It was so hurtful yet I went through it. I was not able to conceive then. It made me decide to go for surrogacy. I chose a clinic in Europe. They provided me comfort the period I stayed there. I am happy I chose it. I am a mother now. I have no more stresses now.
It is a misfortune. It is difficult to overcome. To lose an unborn infant is never simple. I know you are hurt but dont worry. I have faced infertility for 10 years. The reason for my infertility was unknown. It was so harmful yet I experienced it. I was not able to be a mother for whole 10 years. It influenced me to choose to go for surrogacy. I picked a clinic in Europe. They gave me all the facilities the period I remained there. I am glad I picked it. I am a mother now. I have no more anxieties now.
Hello darling. How are you? Stay strong.I hope you will get success soon. Keep your thoughts high and positive.I wish you have a beautiful baby soon. Take care. Lots of love.

Hey Pheobe! I know you're probably in the toughest situation. So, yeah! I need you to stay strong! Don't lose hope. I know it's not easy! Yes! MCs do happen. It's fate! You can try again. Things happen. Stay strong is the key for now. Best of luck for next time. Grieve and take your time.
Hey Pheobe! I feel very sorry for your loss, literally. This is very traumatizing for you. You must be broken. But hey? It's not your fault. Don't punish yourself. Maybe the time wasn't right for the baby to come in this world. Don't worry, you'll conceive again very soon. Don't lose hope! Stay strong and have patience! Lots of love. Take care!
I'm so sorry for your loss. It seems very unfortunate. I wish you didn't have to go through this. Please stay strong. You can get through this. I think you should conceive again soon to get over the emptiness of this. There'll always be a hole in your heart due to this, but you'll find your happiness. I'm sure.
Hello there love, do not be worried. its ok to complain and vent sometimes as long as you're not hurting anyone's feeling. You have the right to express just as much as everyone else. This I feel like needs so much attention and time. It is normal to be frustrated in situations like these. But I have to say you gotta get it together. it seems like lashing out helps. But in reality, it only makes things work. The only way to get over it is by accepting the reality. That is when you will be able to do something about it. Get yourself together. I hope things in your life get better. You will be a parent soon. Good luck with everything
Hello, Pheobe. It saddens me to hear about your loss. How are you doing? Please take care of your health. This is nice that you shared it on this platform. Dear, I hope you know that is something out of our hand. However, you can try harder again. Please do not lose hope. I too had to go through a miscarriage. I went for Surrogacy. My friend suggested me. Although, I am not satisfied with the treatment of Adonis. It is getting expensive for me after every failed cycle. Their timings do not match with mine. I do not know if I am doing justice with myself for remaining at Adonis. Trust me it was not easy. It is just not fair to carry your child in your womb for 9 months and then you do not even get to hold it. Have you consulted a Doctor? what does he say? I hope you get your answer.
Infertility is the new striking disease. Biotexcom is arranging an event very soon to promote surrogacy. This event was going to held in London on the 3rd week of August. But now that event has been postponed. keep in touch to stay update. This post is inspiring. There is much treatment for surrogacy. IVF, SURROGACY, etc have been practiced by different people. Many people have their child with this treatment. But I have heard many people complaining about failure in IVF. Or other problems like clinics. My personal experience is not such bad. I have been blessed with twin daughters last year. I must say if you have proper knowledge. These treatments won't going to fail for you. Wish you good luck. If you are planning for surrogacy or IVF. Infertility is not the end of your life. Stay optimistic."
Hello there! Seeing negative test is always heartbreaking. And it's much worse if you get it positive but further have to face a mc. I'm so sorry, honey for what you've gone through. I hope you were referred to the counsellors for professional support. And you got your cycle reviewed. Counselling is especially valuable at this time for you both. It is devastating to learn that it's no luck for this time. And to be assured it isn’t ''your fault''. There could be any number of reasons why on this occasion it didn’t work. And it’s not unusual to need more than one IVF attempt to conceive. You're not alone in feeling this way. Just remember you're still standing. Remember that you can do this and other hard things that might come your way. Best of luck to you and I hope you feel better soon!
lidya wrote:
Hey, I am really sorry for you. Miscarriages are very hard to deal with. Sometimes it is not in luck to have babies. But through surrogacy, we can have the babies of our own genes. Surrogacy is really a blessing. Surrogacy is mostly successful. I had also a baby through surrogacy. I had a fatigue injury and I was not able to conceive. My family was not accepting me. But my husband was supportive enough to help me out. We both wanted a baby badly. It is a great blessing for every couple to have babies. Then we are going to Europe for the suggested clinic. I and my husband is very happy. Hope you would go for surrogacy. Take care.

I hope you're moving on with a ukrainian clinic. This is definitely a good destination to choose. There are too many pros for using this country. Firstly, 'cause ukraine has surrogacy friendly law. It regulates the process very well. For all sides involved into the process. The hugest factor though is that the surrogate has no right to keep the baby after delivery. And that the IP are considered to be the only legal parents of the baby from the moment of conception. Besides, costs are very attractive. one can move on with 39k - 49k euros surrogacy plan. My clinic, for instance, offers just amazing set of services. Including all meds, legal support. Donor eggs (if needed) for no extra fee. Lots of women participate in surrogacy programs there. So it won't make yrs to wait until they'll find somebody suitable for you. Our clinic has a huge donor/surrogates database to choose from. We were doing DE IVF ''guaranteed'' plan. But met so many couples there applying for surrogacy treatments. So all this makes me feel all they come there 'cause chances to take their babies home quite soon is very high. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Good luck!
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