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I have a question on possible conception date. EDD based on my ultrasound on 25 May was 10 Jan 2019. I had an earlier ultrasound on 2 May (which didnt see anything) and one on 12 May which showed a CRL of 0.18cm. There was spotting on 25 April. I had sex w one partner on 1st april, and another partner on 6/13/17 april. Is there a remote chance that the one on 1st april is the father? The EDD sorta jump around the range of 3 Jan to 10 Jan, but the gynae is sticking to 10 Jan.
Hi, thought it could help. In a natural pregnancy, the gestational age is calculated based on the date of the last menstrual period. Because there’s no possible way that we can find out the day in which egg fertilization took place. In IVF pregnancies, we can know accurately the precise embryo development stage at which fertilization occurs (1 day after egg retrieval). The weeks of pregnancy in IVF are counted from the day of the transfer. And the estimated due date is calculated by adding 38 weeks to the day of egg retrieval. Hope you have your mind at more peace now. All the best.
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