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Hi all
Just wondering if anyone has lost a friendship just because you were pregnant?
This person has kids already but had been sort of trying for awhile, when I got pregnant.
At the beginning they were happy for me but the further into the pregnancy the more this person pulled away. Till it got to the point that this person was avoiding me (bit hard when we have kids in the same class)
Since having Bub they still avoiding me.
This has hurt me, but not sure how to move on, since it seems like they don’t want a friendship anymore.
Hey, I hope you are doing well. Firstly, congratulations on getting pregnant. I hope everything went smoothly. As someone who is infertile and has been trying for a very long time, I do get her side. Women who have been TTC for a while they go through a phase of infertility jealousy. This doesn't mean that they are jealous of people who are pregnant but its just that they feel sad about their own situation. It isn't really easy for them. I would suggest that since they are avoiding you, you should talk to them. Many people on this journey get sad and depressed and they really want to talk to someone. So it would be great if you would just spend some time with them. Help them find a solution for their problem. Suggest them to visit a doctor and start with a possible treatment. Research with them and make them feel as if they are not alone. Don't end a friendship just like that. I hope you'll understand.
I will say that such things shouldn't happen in a friendship, the man is totally responsible for this. However, I see that men are naturally a little different than what women think of.

A broken or broken-like relationship can be normalized by passing time, talking with and understanding each other.

It is very common. It must have hurt her to see you pregnant when she couldn't. It's hard for everyone. At time point, you should try and be there for her. She is obviously struggling. It would be nice if you take her to the doctor to see what the problem is a find a proper solution for it. What else are friends for? She needs you the most now.
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