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C_Lains wrote:
All their packages are worth considering, surely.
All-inclusive Standard €39900:
You will be provided a cellphone with a Ukrainian carrier for communication.
You will stay at a better villa.
A pediatrician will see your child every other day after birth.
Regardless of how far along the surrogate is, if the case of miscarriage, abortion, or death of child, the agency will take care of the cost of paying the surrogate and finding a new one.
In case your baby is born premature, the agency will pay all medical fees regardless.
If you have twins, you must pay an additional €3000 after birth.
You will have 4 hours of nursery and babysitting services available to you every day.
You cannot be at the birth of the baby. You will be able to meet your baby after the hospital clears the baby for leaving the hospital.

The information that has been provided is quite beneficial. It includes all the details that everyone needs. Apart from this information, the things that really intrigued me included the clinic's communication network. It is amazing! I love reading their blog and attending the online meetings that they organize. These little efforts they make always mean a lot to me. I think this is the right type of behavior that clinics need to adopt. Good luck to you.
I am visiting the clinic for my process. They are doing an exceptional job! We opted for the standard package. We even signed up for the guarantee program which will ensure that things work out for us. I am really hoping that things work for us. The clinic is trying their utmost best. The doctors are highly professional. The staff is also well educated. The equipment that is being used is also very modern. So overall looking at the environment it makes me happy that we decided to opt for them. They are doing a really good job. There are so many other foreign fellows that are visiting them alongside me. We all are always talking about the clinic and the great services. Such types of clinics are very rare to find. I hope that my process is a success.
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