Hi there,
I am a second year double degree nursing and midwifery student at Latrobe in Melbourne.
It is a requirement of my course to recruit 10 women to a follow through program.
This program enables women to have a midwifery student be active in their care throughout the course of their pregnancy, labour and birth.
It would be my role as your student to attend antenatal and postnatal appointments, support you through your labour and birth and be a general extra support for you throughout this time.
During the course of your pregnancy you might see different healthcare professionals but having the same student there with you will ensure you have continuity.
I am looking to recruit a couple more women prior to completion of my course to gain some added experience and knowledge.
I have attended many antenatal and postnatal appointments during my placement at the Royal Womens.
If you would like an enthusiastic midwifery student to follow you through your pregnancy please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I can provide you with any more information you would like!
Thank you,