I'm happily married with a young toddler at home. I have a great deal of anxiety which stems from a decision that my SIL made which was to have a child on her own through IVF. She did this 3 months after we conceived. Her child has been diagnosed with autism and as such she has struggled on her own. We all have very limited family support but she is expecting help from my husband on a regular basis. The issue I have, is that she has chosen to distance herself from me and my child because as she says, she gets too jealous being around us. I appreciate her honesty. She also expects that her parents spend their visits at her place and not ours and as such, our child does not have a relationship with her paternal grandparents. I'm getting increasingly bitter and angry and it was recently topped off by her request for us not to have another child so that we could have more time for her. I won't get into the financial support we are already giving her, but it's substantial. I'm now pregnant at 6 months and her family do not know, for risk of upsetting her. Mother's Day was spent making sure she was happy. Or at least, that's how I perceived it. My husband bought me flowers, but he also bought her flowers and we went out to brekky to a place which was convenient for her. I'm getting more and more miserable and it's affecting my relationship with my husband. Any suggestions? I'm usually a strong person, but this is tearing me up inside.