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panic attacks Rss

Hi My name is Carolanne

I was just wondering if anyone out there suffers from panic attacks? The other day i had to call 000 because i didnt know what to do! i have a 2y/o son and i am 22 weeks prgnant so if anyone wants to talk that would be great my e-mail is and i have msn


Carolanne,Cameron & Emily born 8th sept

First of all, congrats on being pregnant again.

How long have you been having these attacks for?

I though I was having panic attacks when I was pregnant with my first, but the doctors told me no, so I thought okay. I continued with this problem where I couldnt breathe and had terrible chest pains. I honestly thought I was going to die.

When my daughter was about 1 I had a terrible attack that sent me to my gp, he ordered an ultrasound and they relised I had gall stones. Which accounted for all the pain and breathing trouble I was having.

I thought I was going insane but it ended up being gall stones, so that might be an avenue to look into.

Hope all goes well!!!!!!!!!!!

Lydia, mum to beautiful april + girl due 16th sept

Hi Carolanne
How long have you been suffering from panic attacks? Is it just because you are pregnant?

I'm currently 32 1/2 weeks pregnant and suffer / suffered from anxiety attacks. Ithink I was suffering from them for longer than I realised because the doctor kept telling me i had irritable bowel syndrome, and I new I didn't.

I have consequently had some therapy sessions which helped enormously and have barely had a wobble in the last 7 - 8 months.

The cause of my anxiety attacks stemmed from eating too much and suffering the embarrasment of being caught short on a coach trip on holiday. From then on, had another bad experience and became scared to be any distance away from a toilet!!!!! Crazy, I know. Anyway, I changed my diet which partially helped alleviate the problem, but the stress of life (I was a neurotic workaholic/perfectionist), and then sought help from the doctor etc.etc. will happily discuss further if you like..... and hey presto, am a normal person again!!!!!!!!!! I think the above reads like I am a bit of a nutter, but really am "normal".

If you want to talk, then I can happily offer some insight into what treatments are available, or can at least offer you some reassurance.

Take care, from Sam.
hi Carolanne I used to suffer panic attacks a few years ago they eventually went away by themselves but it helped to talk to my gp
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