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dam mother n laws Lock Rss

hi there every one

dose any one out there have bad mother nlaw......?

i sure do my man and i hav broke up over her cos she is trying to run my life and how to raise my bub...

she wants to fite me to get my bub cos i dont want to breast feed.

she is the most evil lady that ive eva very sceared i just wish my man could see this is wat she wanted for us to break up. plus she only wants girls im just happy with healthy bub after loosing my 1st.........
thats really sad she must be a real cow!
I hope you and ur man can sort it out and get back together and if you dont maybe you dont want a man who always sides with his mum!
take care
Dear Chrissy,

Firstly congradulations on your wonderful baby especially after going through past trouble and the trouble your facing now....

I am sorry you and your man have broken up over his mothers interfearance BUT if he can not stand by you and HIS family as thats what you and the baby are then perhaps you are better off.

As for your mother in law contesting custody of your baby.....if the only defence she has is that YOU will not breast feed she hasn't a leg to stand on. She would have to prove that you either could not care for or support your child. And that your child was in danger if left in your care. SO I would not stress over that.

Not breast feeding is an option just as breast feeding is, you should not feel bad for your choice. Some woman can not breast feed for various reasons and others just prefer not to its a personal choice and does not harm the baby in any way.

Chin up keep strong and focus on you and the bubs let the rest stay in there twisted little world.

Penny Cassie - Maddison Abigail born 15th Oct 2006

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