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Where is the morning sickness Lock Rss

Hi everyone. I just found out on Mother's Day that i am expecting my first child. He/She will be due in January '07, so I am only 5 and a bit weeks. I went to my doctor the very next day and she confirmed the pregnancy.
I am a bit worried because i have not felt any signs of morning sickness and am wondering if that is normal and whether anyone else out there was the same. The only symptom I have is tiredness. I am so excited about having this child as my partner and I had been trying and I just feel like it isn't real. Please someone tell me that they were the same.

Stacey, QLD, Makenzi born 26.01.07

honey i found out when i was 6 weeks prgnant because i was sooo tired
and i never had morning sicken at all
you still might get it but if you dont you are very lucky like me

though somedays you may just feel as though you need to be sick,but dont spew

eitherway this will be an amazing experience for you and your partner and your new little baby growing inside you
give your beely a little pat for me(i miss being pregnant sooooo much

enjoy grin xxx

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Stacey

I never got any morning sickness, i think suring my entire pregnancy ive only thrown up twice and that wasn't until the second and thrid trimester. My symptoms have been being very tired, light headed and more recently bach ache (only a few weeks to go now!)
Have you had a blood test? Thats the ultimate way of confirming your pregnancy, that and getting an ultrasound done.
Don't stress, its a good thing not to "feel" pregnant cos usually when you're feeling pregnant you dont feel that good lol enjoy it while it lasts cos trust me in a little while you are going to be feeling VERY pregnant.

Bec xo
Hey Stacey,

I am about 6 weeks pregnant and I was the same as you, i wasn't sick or tired all I was was crampy and I felt completely disconnected and just thought I was living a lie because I didn't have any 'symptoms'............well..........didn't I start getting them! I started getting nausea about a week ago and it is bloody awful as I don't actually get sick I just get nausea all day and night, when I wake up to go pee I feel sick so you are very lucky and I hope you don't get it.

my advise, ENJOY.

Hey don't worry my fiance tells me how i am having an easy pregnancy. I didn't get much morning sickness at all, in the first 3 months I think i felt sick maybe 5 times all up.
So don't worry you could just be a lucky one and not get any sickness. Congratulations and enjoy your pregnancy try not to worry too much, just relax and enjoy.



I am now pregnant with my second baby and the first baby i never got morning sickness at all. This time around from the 6th week up intil the 13th week i was having really bad morning sickness.

If you are not getting morning sickness you should count yourself lucky. I didnt knopw what was happening to me when i got it this time around.

Enjoy every minute of it and i hope you and your husband are very happy.

Good Luck and take care!
Hello my name is bek i am 25 weeks pregnant. Hunny u should consider urself lucky not to have morning sickness, though mine didnt really start till around 7 weeks. I had it up untill bout 20 weeks, everything i ate i threw up i couldnt drink or eat anything, Alot of pregnant women i no never got morning sickness they are so lucky!! And for the pregnancy not feeling real believe me when i say this hun when u see ur own little baby for the first time on that ultrasound screen n hear their little heart bumping away it shore will feel real. Good luck to u and i hope all goes well

Bekkyboo and TJ2

Hi There,
i gave birth to my gorgeous DD 5mths ago. For the first 3mths of my pregnancy i had morning sickness, although it was not restricted just to the morning, i had it all day and lost 10kgs.
After the 3mths had passed i got over it, but it was pretty hard to get through.
I would be thanking your lucky stars that you dont have it.
Some women dont get it at all and then some women get it so badly they have be checked into hospital from dehydration.
As you are only just of 5 weeks you may not get any "symptoms" just yet, just wait they will come.
Feeling your baby moved inside your belly for the first time is the most unreal feeling. smile

Hi Girls,

Just to let you know I too never really experienced any morning sickness, the closest I got to it was a few queazy moments when hubby got up ridiculously early, like 4:30 - 5:00am to go to work. Appart from that all I felt was tiredness and I am now 21 weeks pregnant and bubs is going strong so don't stress and make the most of it, sometimes it doesn't come on till later about 9 weeks or so or you may be one of the lucky ones who never experences it at all.

The only down side to not having morning sickness that I found was that it made worrying about what was going on in there worse up until I started to feel movement last week (FINALLY). At least if you have your head in the loo you know you are still pregnant but I have to say that I was just gratefull in the end not to have had to go through that.

All the best with your pregnancies

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