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stretching pains Lock Rss

hi everyone,
i was wondering if anyone else has had /are having this problem, it's my third child and i have herd this can happen the more children you have, i did get it last pregnancy but it only last for a couple of weeks but this time it hasn't gone away, the pain is like stretching of the skin, muscles etc. down where my ovaries are, my last ultra sound they checked my ovaries and said there fine, but its in that area, sometimes the pain is that bad i cannot get up until the pain has gone. my dr suggest i were a elastic belt that goes around my stomach for support, he gave me a referal to see a lets hope it works, its driving me nuts

sharon,nsw, kailee 2, marc 6 months

Hey Sharon

I know exactly what you mean.. its so painful!! it gets to the point where i can't walk for that long. The worse thing is (sorry if this is TMI) But its come to the point were i can't really have sex anymore, Im in so much pain afterwards... Not alot of fun when i want it all the time lol wink So im also off to the physio hopefully soon and also will try the belt thing.. Fingers crossed that we get some releif!!!

All the best smile

Ds 17/10/06

hi Sharon
This is my first bub and i had those pains everyday all day up until 25weeks of my pregnancy. I really thought something was wrong but they assured me everything was fine and they would go away and sure enough they have!
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