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First time mum wanting to chat Lock Rss


My name is Tina and i am 26 years old and am having my first baby due on oct the 5th.

My partner is very supportive but i just dont feel like he understands what i am going through.

I have no close family to share it with and his family really isnt interested.

If there is anyone out there who feels the same and would like a chat i will be on my email address [email protected] to talk monday to friday 10am to 11 am.

Hope to talk to some of you soon.

hi Tina
would love to chat but unfortunately i am at work from 5am til 3pm monday to friday so am unable to chat in your time slots, perhaps you can just return my emails in your time?? I am 28 (on Thursday!!) and this is the first bub for both my husband and I.

27 weeks on tuesday due @ 27th august.

hope to chat soon my email is
[email protected]

mum of 2under2

Hi Tina,

Hope everything is going well with the pregnancy. I am 23 and have just had my first baby - Hayden. He is 8 weeks tomorrow. Feel free to email me at work for a chat - hopefully I can help you out and answer any questions. There's nothing worse than not being able to share pregnancy related feelings with anyone. My email addy is [email protected]

Take care,

Hayden's mummy

Hi Tina

I will be a first time mum.Im due tomorrow. I can go online anytime and will be happy to chat.My email address is [email protected] Just email me and ill email you back.

You should get your husband a bit more involvded then he may sunderstand how you feel. I know it may be hard for him but you shouldnt hold anything back.You should express all your feelings. Good Luck. Ill talk to you soon.

Ist baby due 31\05\06

Natasha, NSW, Joshua 04/06/06 Lucas 06/12/07

hi this is my first baby also i am 25 years old i am having a girl, i am due anywhere from sept 30th to oct 2nd.

my email is [email protected] if u would like to chat

take care

from mel

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