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young mums 2b? Lock Rss

Hi any young mums to be from perth wanting to talk?
Have stopped working as a result of real bad morning sickness up until this day (32nd week) and am getting so bored talking to myself or the television!! Friends are all busy witth there babies/toddlers so dont really catch up all that much anymore

well my email is [email protected]
if anybody is interested in chatting!

Hey Sheree smile
Im 19 and due a week before you! I live just out of Perth in Mandurah!
How's your pregnancy going? I know what you mean about getting bored, I havent worked throughout the whole pregnancy cos i was at tafe when i found out i was having a bubba and then no one would hire me... Would be great to hear from you smile
Hey Sheree,
my names Brenna i am 18 years old and i am 36 weeks pregnant. I would really like to have someone to talk to so i added you to my msn (hope thats ok) Anyway hope to talk soon,
luv Brenna
Im Jessie, im 19 Years old... Im expecting my first baby on 15th of oct (a little girl)... i am 32 weeks preg, im still with the father, hes 22yrs old... we are so excited and cant wait to meet our little girl... but right now i am so over being preg lol... i just feel like i really cant talk to any of my "old" friends about anything...i say old friends because atm i just cant stand being around them, none of them have kids and while i have decided they really are not the kind of people i want in my babies life... but i am finding it very boring atm as we have just moved to a new suburb and i dont know anyone around here... its kinda like i feel that i have cut myself off from the rest of the world... (if u know what i mean lol)

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