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My sex life is dying..... Lock Rss

Hi there,

My partner and I have always had such an 'active' sex life. And ever since about 3 months ago it has been getting quieter and quieter.
The thing is it's not his fault. I have just lost interest in it. I'm big and uncomfortable and i'm not really feeling too sexy at the moment.
Is anyone else feeling/experiencing the same?
Should I fix it before baby is born when there really wont be time for it at all?
I feel so bad but just can't be bothered as i'm still working full time and tired all the time.


Hey Suzy,

The thing I would consider the most important to be honest is quality versus quantity. Sex isn't the be all or end all, especially not when you're pregnant and so many of your body's resources and energies are being directed anywhere. Unless your partner is complaining or it's putting added stress on your relationship, I wouldn't worry, as far as I know it's a pretty normal thing. Our sex life died for a while too (but luckily has picked back up) but didn't affect our relationship really (not to say I didn't worry about it at all) because there's more to what we have than just the physical side of it.

Sorry about the ramble !

Jacquie, Erin's Mummy - Born 13th July 2006

Hey, don;t worry your not alone but i wouldnt worry unless he is gettn upset my man just tells me he understands that ur body is changing and it is hard to feel sexy with a growing belly.
I agree that its quality versus the quantity.
Things will get back 2 normal afta bubs is born as long as u and ur fella r happy.
Just relax and take care!


Hi Suzy,

My partner and i were exactly the same, nad now i cant stand the thought of sex! Like you said, its not his fault, but the urge or interest isnt there at all!
So i promise you your not alone! My partner is having a hard time accepting this tho and pesters me for it, but somewhere inside i know he understands! Your partner will too!
Try not to stress about it too much... hard i know, but when you feel big and uncomfortable and not very sexy, its hard to understand why they would still want to do it! I wouldnt try and fix anything... nothing is wrong, its just a natural feeling for some women!

Hope things are looking better for you!

Good luck!

Jaz smile
hi i know what you mean i am going on 7mths pregnant and our sex life has gone down the drain we use to have a great sex life but when i found out that i was pregnant my sex drive went down and he is lucky if he gets it once a wk

but it depends on the person people say that there sex drive goes up and they what it all the time and other ppl dont that it

i am so fat (pregancy ways) and i don't feel sex

it just depends on the person

first time mum

Hey suzy,

I am 11 weeks pregnant and have had sex about 4 times since finding out.
Now the doc tells us that sex is a no go zone because I have a low lying placnta and it could cause bleeding.
My partner has been very patient with me coz I just haven't felt like it anyway but I don't know just how patient he will be now, he's an amazing man and I hope that he stays that way, guess we will just have to do other stuff.

If your boy loves you he should be understanding and support you, tell him that it's no picnic being preggers and if he had a medicine ball inside him he wouldn't want it either.

Good luck and I hope things get better for you both.

hi suzy,
just letting you know that your not along there in that department. my poor partner is soooo deprived, i have no interest at all, my last pregnancy i was a little bit better but this pregnancy my partner says i'm worse but he is ok by it and very very understanding.
hope yours is so understanding as well
sharon due 16th aug.

sharon,nsw, kailee 2, marc 6 months

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