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Due Aug 06 - scared as hell Lock Rss

Hi all,

Hubby and I are expecting first baby (girl) 29th of Aug. I am getting scared and nervous about the labour and everything after that. My husband and I moved to North Queensland about 15 months ago and we have no family or friends around us. We are a bit clueless when it comes to this whole thing, and I am scared about doing it alone with only the support of my husband. He is great however, I still feel like I need more support, my mum and my friends whom have all done this before. Everyone we know here don't have kids. Am I being silly? My husband is taking 4 weeks of work, but am really scared about when he goes back, his job is very demanding, often working 70 hours a week. What happens if I am not a good mum. If there is anyone else out there thats as scared as me I would love to chat.

Jamie 23, Due Aug 06

Chloe 6/09/06 and Riley 14/02/08

Hi Jamie,

Yes i know how you feel. My husband and i are expecting our first baby on the 5th August also a little girl. I dont have any of my family around either and my husbands family just are not that interested.
Dont be to scared though your husband will be your rock. You dont want to many people around when you have your bubs i think that it is more special with just the two people there that created her. I don think that you will have any problems being a good mum. You will be great. It will all come naturally.
if you need to talk or just want to vent a little dont hesititate to email me and i will get back to you as soon as possible.
Good luck

Hi Jamie,

You will be fine!

You are due 1 day before me. I am also having a girl although I have 3 boys too.

I think you will find that it will all come naturally to you that being said I am scared to and I already know what to do!!

If you want to chat that would be great


Kim, nsw, 30 wks

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