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I have two boys & now another baby on the way Lock Rss

I have two boys one 5 in March & the other 3 on Monday & found out im fourteen weeks pregnant i now that there many women out there with two or more children but i dont know if i want to be one of them. My two boys are excited about having a baby in the house & my husband is to but im not why do i feel like this does anyone know? i cant tell my husband that i dont want it because hes so happy i need to talk to someone who feels the same or can understand & not judge me

Leonnie Mother

i only have one eight month old boy but a friend of mine has 3 kids 3year old twin boys and a 10 month old girl and she does a fantastic job. i imagine that part of you is not sure about the baby as you realize how much work it will be and it is all well and good for your husband and kids to be excited as it is not them that will have to do most of the work! also sometimes thos feelings can be hormones you only ever hear about those who glow through their pregnancy and who love being pregnant but not everyone feels like that. i hated being pregnant, was sure i was doing the wrong thing even though i'm 30 and old enough to know what i want but the minute i was handed my little boy everything else went away and only the joy remained. hang in there get help if you need it and maybe try talking to your husband, i think it's important to be open with your family in order to make things work and get the support you need

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

I know excatly how you feel I went through the same thing when i found out about this one ...This will be number five ,I cried for weeks and some-time still do,I guess the hormones would have alot to do with it.But I'm 28 weeks now and just coming to terms with it.My husband is very supportive as I have explained to him how i feel.There is much they can do but having him know why I'm crying and to get his comfort without having to say anything is just help enough......My friends well my used to be friends all come out with WHAT ANOTHER ONE! I didn't need that so i've keep to my self,but my real friends have been real supportive and help me when they can so hang in there things will feel better espeically when the baby starts to move and communicate with you in it's own way.....they have a way of making things better.

mother,of,soon to be,five

I know this is an old post, but I was just reading through & found it, & wanted to tell you that I know exactly how you feel.
I have 2 girls one 5 & the other 2, & the third is due in April. When we found out I was pregnant, I was devastated. My husband accepted it before I could, I suffered depression & my Dr wanted to put me on medication. I'm now 32 weeks pregnant, & I've accepted it. But I'm not always over the moon about it, but I know that I'll love him/her no matter what. Don't feel bad for how you feel, I suggest you talk to your husband, mine didn't fully understand how I felt but he accepted it & comforted me. If you want to talk at any time, please feel free to write!

Sam, mum to 3 girls,brisbane

im in that way too.....
I have two turning 5 and the other turning 4 in october............ ive done alot since the girls being born including a career and all but now am 3 months pregnant.......
Kids are excited and the man is over the moon they all really want the baby...........
i get scared thinking am i going to be able to handle this............
are the girls going to be close the way they are to the baby (my girls are a year but a day a part // they act like twins)........
i dont know sometimes how i am going to handle being at home fulltime again ...... ive been working fulltime..... to keep that sain head (if you know what i mean) im going back to my main conversation of the day baby talk............
I dont really talk to people that have other children ........ they all live pretty fare.......... so going out with other people doesnt really happen......
I just found out last week one of my friends is PG which has given me someone to talk to //// but not about this..........
People do judge to much HEY but it seems to be the ones that are not in this position

If you want to keep on in contact my MSG is [email protected]
Of email me on [email protected]
Or just post me back..........

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