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Am I wrong to feel annoyed? Lock Rss

Hi All,

Just want to check if I am justifiably annoyed or it's just the pregnancy hormones getting to me again perhaps... Here's the 411:

In my first pregnancy in 2004 it was the first grandchild for both of mine and my DH's families, then DH's brother starts dating my best friend and they decide to have a baby and fall pregnant a month after I did (sort of single white female situation). They had been together 6 months in total. That pregnancy resulted in an ectopic and she had to have a tube removed, so they started trying again as soon as they were allowed. They fell almost straight away and their daughter is 6 months younger than my son. I had to share my pregnancy with hers if you know what I mean?

Now I'm pregnant again, and my DH's other brother is now expecting his first we found out tonight, he is 21 and his girlfriend is 19 and they only just moved in together. I have to now share my pregnancy again! I don't intend on having more than two kids so this is it for me.

Am I being petty or is it normal for me to feel annoyed by the fact that I don't get to have the attention all to myself for once... I usually stay in the background normally...

On reading what I have written, it does sound pretty stupid, I'm 31 for goodness sake, I sound like I'm 15!

Sorry for being so petty... I guess it's just the hormones....

Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07

Hi there

You are not being petty in my eyes smile I had a similar situation with my SIL although it started when DH and I got engaged three years ago.

She had been with her partner for a year longer than us and so when we got engaged they did the same only a week later! Then we got married (in the courts because I couldn't deal with all the wedding [email protected]) and then she started planning their wedding for a few months after that! A big posh, flowery event of cousre...

A year after we got married we planned DS andlow and behold she got pregnant two months after I did!!!!

I have no family of my own here, so I rely on DH's side more and obviously their own daughter takes prefference. It's only natural. I've never asked them to baysit... mostly because they're already babysitting SIL's one...

AAARGH... So, point is: I totally get where you're coming from. Don't feel like you're being petty as everyone needs their time to shine.

Unfortunately I don't really have any advice other than hang in there and enjoy what you've got. That's all I can do.

Good luck and best wishes smile

Jack-man 3 June 2006

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me, but then I was in a very similar situation. My sister decided she wanted a third child and got pregnant almost immediately after finding out that DH and I were shortly going to be TTC number 1. Her eldest child is nearly 6 and she has had the monopoly on grand kids for my parents with my niece and nephew and had always maintained that she only wanted the two kids, my nephew is 4 so I thought I was safe and she had finished having kids so was quite upset to find out that I was going to have my first pregnancy overshadowed by her, which it was on the whole. She had her baby about 6 weeks ago now and I am still waiting patiently for my little bub to arrive. It is hard when family steal your thunder but the important thing is your own little family and as long as you guys are happy that's all that really matters. All the best with the pregnancy.
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