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Young widow, 1 year old, 18 weeks pregnant Lock Rss

I am not yet 23, I have a one year old son, and I am 18 weeks pregnant - going for ultrasounds next week. Three weeks ago my husband was killed in a motorbike accident. I have since moved in with my parents, and am coping fairly well considering the circumstances. I feel very alone even though I have family and friends support. Is there anyone in a similar situation, or been through something in the past? I feel like I don't really know where I'm headed and I don't really know what to do.

Amy, Qld

Wow Amy, firstly what I shock, how awful for you, sorry to hear of your lose.

I would expect no-one would expect you to know where you are headed at this early time. It is way to early, you are lucky though you have your friends and family around to help you.

Don't feel like you have to be superwomen and get over this too quick, it is something you will never get over, but will learn to live with easier as time wears one.

You keep strong for your son and your little one inside, they will always know there special daddy angel, and I am sure he will always be there watching over them.

Good luck with your ultrasound, is this your first ultrasound or did you have the 12-13 week one too????

Anyway take care
and make sure you look after you as well. smile

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02


I am 26 and my partner died in a boating accident 10 weeks ago when I was 17 weeks pregnant so I understand completely. My mum also died 1.5 years ago and I have no other family except for my sister and his family who live in NZ. I don't know where my life is going either cause we had it all planned out. I think the only thing that has kept me going is knowing that I have something of his to cherish for the rest of my life even though I also know it will be the hardest thing I will have to go through. If not for the baby, I don't know where I would be.

If you would like to chat please email me on [email protected]

hi guys,
turely u guys are so strong,
i too am thinking how u guys are coping with everything, my only adivse is to keep strong but let it out ..... take ur family and friends for help.
i am so sorry this has happened to u guys. i wish u well...

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Amy and Angela, Stay strong, take care of yourselves and cherish being pregnant with the precious life u have inside of you, it truly is a miracle.
thinking of you.
Amy and Angela,

sorry for your losses, just remember your partners will be with you every day. maybe not in body but in your heart and soul, especially every time you look into your babies eyes the first time you hold them.

My dad dies when i was two, but when i was in the delivery room i knew he was smiling down on me and guided me through it.

Keep strong and look after yourselves !

Aimee, 4 year old princess

Amy and Angela - big hugs to both of you.

Please keep strong and healthy and let us know who you are going - your huggies friends wish you well.

Hi amy,

I felt sad when reading your message. I hope you and your family are good!

About 3 years ago my partner was killed in a tragic car accident on his 27th birthday only 100metres from his home. Only weeks earlier we had suffered a miscarrige and just weeks before that I was in a car accident although I came out of it ok. So you could say 'luck just wasnt on our side'. At the time I was Auckland (nz) while he was in Whakatane (4 hours away) and normally we would take turns travelling back and forwards to see one another. On this particular weekend I decided not to and that was one of my biggest regrets ever.

Last year I met my daughters father while he was holidaying in nz and three weeks later I decided to be spontaneous and moved over here to Perth to be with him. Ive now been here for a little over a year and we now have a beautiful little girl named Vashanti.

Although sometimes I still think of my partner that died (he was my first love) and the baby we lost ive tried very hard to move on. It has been a very long and emotional journey but im part the way through it now as im trying to be fare on my partner who loves me so much.

Your children will fill part of that void with happiness. And his memory will forever live on through them and in your heart.

I wish you all the best for the future and with your new baby.

Take care..awhi and vashanti.

Sorry angela I didnt mean to leave you out, my thoughts are with you also. I wish you all the luck in the world with your future. If you ever need to chat you can email me at [email protected] otherwise I might drop you a few lines sometime in the not too distant future. Take care...awhi and vashanti.
hey amy
im poping in to see how r u guys are going, i hope u are still going strong...
have u had ur little angel yet?

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

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