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Is it easier or harder?? Lock Rss


I'm 29 weeks pregnant and starting to panic about having this baby!!

We already have a gorgeous little girl who is 2 yrs old and she'll be 2 1/2 when bubs comes along. I have to admit that she is a really good little girl and doesn't hurt other kids and plays really well but at the moment we are experiencing the "Terrible 2's" and she is so independent at times and then so clingy to me at other times.

What I am wondering is - what is it like having 2 kids under 3 yrs? I've heard that it gets easier but I just don't know how I'm going to entertain her while feeding or tending to the new bubs and how do I co-ordinate their sleep patterns so I can have a rest too (!!!).

Is it really as scary as it feels right now??

Hi Kristy,

I am sure that you will be fine. My first two girls were 12mths apart. It will be hard at first to settle both bub and your daugther into the same sleep patterns but you will be able to get a bit of rest sometimes.

As for your daugther and entertaining her. Find a special activity that she likes and do that while you are feeding the baby. For example if she like playdough, let her play with playdough and do the encouragement while you are feeding bub. I did this with my girls, I found an activity they liked, one liked blocks, the other liked books.

It does get easier and it will all fall into place, but not the day you get home from hospital. It does take some work, but it will help if you try and include your daugther with the bub. Like saying you need Keira's help to change bub's nappy or help drying bub etc. This makes your first child think and feel that she is still important even though there is a new bub in the house.

Good luck.

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had a similar problem when my son was born in april, although my daughter is a little older, 3.5 at the time, i was still concerned about how she would react when our son was born.
so to try to make it easier on her, we used the change table idea so she would change her baby while we did the baby, we brought a special little lunch box for her that i would make up in the mornings, with drinks, sandwiches, snacks, etc, and each time i was bf the baby she would get her lunch box out and sit with us for her lunch too.
we also brought some learning books, for letters and numbers and stuff that she would do when i was feeding so she could sit with us and i could help her learn those, which she loved!
she only used these for a couple of months before she was happy to let me feed and she went off and played happily.good luck with you, hope these ideas may help.
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