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No progress- everything is falling apart Lock Rss

I am so upset, what i need right now is Michelle to be by my side for the last stages of this pregnancy and she isn't. She hasn't spoken to me at all! I need her now as the birth is coming up.

i don't know what to do? i decided to go to her mums house the other day as i'd rang her a few times and sent her a letter with no reply. But her mum wouldn't let me in to come and see her and she had this horrible smile on her face as if she was thrilled with herself for destroying our relationship. I feel totally upset and just wanted to enjoy the last parts of the pregnancy as soon it won't be just the 2 of us. Why doesn't she understand?

I can't stop crying because i don't want to break up with Michelle, and then i think maybe i do, her mum is such a strain on our relationship. Oh help me! Any advice would be totally amazing. TIA


Lesbian mother to 7 month old Lola

Hi Angel

I've read your other messages, and I'm sending you lots of hugs - I'm so sorry that things aren't improving the way they should be.

Just a thought - does Michelle have a mobile? If you sent her a text message at least you know that she would get it, and not her Mum. Not very personal, but better than her not hearing from you at all.

I feel so sad for you having to deal with this now, the last part of pregnancy is so tiring and you really need comfort and not stress.

Good luck getting in touch with her, I hope she comes around and gives you the comfort that you need. I wish I had better advice for you.

Leah smile
Hi Angel,
Its a shame that Michelle hasn't woken up to her mother manipulating her like this i think this is the time when she really needs to be by your side other wise she just might regrett that she wasn't there for the birth of your son has she thought about this? As for her mum she should stay out of her daughters love life knowing you's are having a baby and were happy before she messed things up!!! I hope Michelle stands up for you and be's by yourside because it's not easy being a single parent.
Good Luck i hope she is back in your arms soon taking care of you all.

Take Care xx


Hey Angel,

First of all big hugs and well wishes on your upcoming big day i hope milo joins the world with out any complications.

I can't believe what Michelle and her mother are doing during this special part of your life,at a time where you need the support of the person who "helped" create this baby with you. Yes you may both be females but you didn't go into this alone.

My question to you Angel is, If michelle came to you and asked for another chance would you take her back?

Stay Strong
Think about what is best for you and Milo (such a cute name) not whats best for michelle.
Your only concern for the time being should be yourself and that wonderful little man that will soon be joining your life

Good luck and i hope that everything works out for you and Milo

Shelley Seth and Baby
Hi Angel -

Like everyone else here I wanted to send my hugs to you. I know this is a really rotten time for you, but you do need to think about yourself and your baby. Stress is the worst thing you can have.

Try to do something nice for yourself. Go get a pedicure (you can't reach your feet by now), go for a walk in a park and enjoy the beautiful sight of the leaves changing and think about your baby playing in those leaves as he grows up.

I know being a single parent is hard - I separated when my son was 18 months. But living in a relationship where you are miserable is even worse! You didn't plan for this to happen when the two of you decided to get pregnant. Things just happen sometime and we can't understand why. It's also very hard to see past the misery and pain to the future.

I can only tell you that looking back, I am so greatful that I went through the pain and heartache, because I have found a partner that loves me completely and does everything in his power to protect me and to stand up for me. He's not perfect, but neither am I. We are nearly 11 weeks pregnant with "our" first.

Please think of what's best for you and the baby. Don't think that this baby has to have 2 parents (common argumant people told me when I split up). If Michelle is going to be supportive and loving, great. But if not, as harsh as it may sound, it's not the end of the world. There will still be a beautiful loving family for you, and you can give all your love to this precious little person while you go through the healing process.

2 Notes.
- In the scriptures is says something along the lines of " a man shall leave his parents and a woman leave hers and they shall cleave to each other and none other". This means we should put our partner before all others.
- It really tics me off when people blame things on hormones. It's even worse when another female does it to you, because who's to say they are not under the influence of hormones themselves at that time!!!

Hi Angel,
I just wanted to wish you well with everything, it's a rotten time to be going through all you are. Your focus now is your little baby boy Milo & nurturing him & every way possible, it's an amazing experience being a parent for the first time so don't let stress & other dramas ruin your special time.
Best of luck to you i hope all goes well with little Milo entering this world.

2 gorgeous boys Tylar & Jailon

Hi i think i have pregnancy brain & It just dawned on me your already a mum sorry for the stuff up.
Best of luck to you.

2 gorgeous boys Tylar & Jailon

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